"Trump Anxiety Disorder" - Just another thing Scott Adams Got Right

Seriously, if politics has this effect on you, turn off the T.V., take the app off your phone and find a hobby.

Scott Adams was one of a fairly small group of people who saw the Trump presidency coming. As such, by giving a realistic view of the election, the appeal of Trump and how he persuaded people to vote for him in some places that traditionally voted Democrat, like other sane and thoughtful people he has been labeled a bigot, a xenophobe and all the other nifty names that get hurled at the President's actual supporters. Such is the cost of being right.

In this video from November of 2017, Adams explains the phenomenon that had started to be called Trump Derangement Syndrome. The first six minutes are pretty enlightening: (minimal language alert)

His explanation makes a lot of sense. The story many Americans had written in their heads about the 2016 election was the story all of the polls and the media told us. I believed it. Hillary Clinton was going to win. He even asserts that the majority of Trump's supporters could have digested that outcome because it was the expected outcome.

He asserts that those who went to bed election night expecting President Clinton and woke up to President Trump became afflicted with a type of cognitive dissonance. The story they wrote for themselves was wrong, and no one ever believes their own thinking was wrong. So much like candidate Clinton, they had to invent a new script for "What Happened". The Russians happened. The Electoral College is outdated. There are more racists in America than they could possibly imagine. You get the idea.

This video also contains perhaps the first time Adams has been a bit off in his predictions about our political environment. He expected the dissonance to subside by the beginning of 2018 when Trump was basically doing things that any Republican would have done, like appointing Neil Gorsuch and signing the tax cut legislation. If Trump wasn't 'literally Hitler', folks would have to calm down, right?

Clearly not. Now therapists have coined the term "Trump Anxiety Disorder". You've seen the tweets that confess to emotional meltdowns on election night and a weird preoccupation with the actions of the Administration. These people hang on every statement, tweet and media report that reinforces their own internal rewrite about "What Happened".

Girls are still putting on white bonnets and red dresses from the dystopian Handmaid's Tale to bring to light how women are being oppressed. (They aren't) The LBGTQ media outlets say how every move the administration makes is detrimental to their constituency specifically. (Not at all) And the press, who originated the story that Hillary was the President-elect before the election are now the victims of a fascist administration bent on destroying the 1st Amendment. Some pretty horrible fascists since the MSM coverage has been 91% negative, but it's useless to point that out.

I actually think it will get worse if Trump is able to deliver on more of his key issues. The EU has already come to the table on trade and it looks promising. If China does, that would be a huge win. The GDP number was great. If the economy holds, and I certainly hope it does, I expect the #Resistance to double down.

Let alone if there are any agreements on immigration. Maybe they'll show more pictures and tweet more stories about what a disaster the border was under Obama. That seems to work well.

And if the #BlueWave doesn't materialize....look out. You will be made to pay and you will be made to care. The politics of personal destruction will reach a new low and deleting thousands of Tweets won't help.

In either case, the Democratic 2020 primary is shaping up to be a clown car of socialists from deep blue states. Kamala Harris wants you pay other people's rent. Elizabeth Warren's image is being rehabbed as 'center Left' ahead of a possible run. Kirsten Gillibrand jumped on the 'Abolish ICE' bandwagon. Make no mistake about it. It will be a woman and God help you and your internalized misogyny if you are a woman who won't vote for their terrible policies.

Maybe I am unique. I was not going to wake up on November 9th happy in either case. My aversion to Trump did not make me want Hillary to win. I knew it was a no-win morning for me. My only choice was to wake up and do what I had done through 8 years of Obama. Be objective and true to my own priorities and policy preferences and speak accordingly.

If you have really hit a therapist's couch because of the election, I suggest logging off and dropping out for a while. During particularly stupid news cycles, I do. Or maybe realize who is in the White House has way too much impact in your life and start supporting a smaller government. Heck, they've already rediscovered state's rights. It's worth a shot.

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Robert Moore
Robert Moore

Own those libs! You ain't got nothing else to live for!

Stacey Lennox
Stacey Lennox


Gee Moron, this article has nothing to do with parenting. It's straight body politic. Here's an idea, if you hate my writing so much, don't read it.


So, it was the Elbonians that threw the election! I knew it!!

John R
John R

It's not "anxiety" that's felt over people using "they," a plural, to describe an individual. It's sadness that people woukd condone mental illness to make themselves feel better.

And that "outdated" model of parenting consistently shows, in study after study, to provide the best outcomes for the children brought up in it.