Trump Announces the Intent to Create a Sixth Military Branch - a Space Force

We obviously need to prepare for war in space.

All the “I can’t evens…”

You can break out those Buck Rogers secret decoder rings, if you have them, because President Trump has declared that the first ever United States Space Rangers is about to be a thing.

Going boldly where no man has gone before, 45 announced that he has directed the Pentagon to create a sixth branch of the U.S. military – a Space Force.

“I’m hereby directing the Department of Defense and Pentagon to immediately begin the process necessary to establish a Space Force as the sixth branch of the armed forces. That’s a big statement,” Trump said a meeting of the National Space Council at the White House. “We are going to have the Air Force and we are going to have the Space Force, separate but equal.”

I do love how he felt it necessary to point out to the plebeians that he’d just made a big statement.

You don’t want to miss it.

The announcement comes as the Pentagon is still working to finish up studies on military operations in space including an independent review ordered by Congress on how it would create a new service focused on protecting the U.S. against growing space threats from countries such as China and Russia. The review is not slated to be turned over to lawmakers until December.

Threats from countries such as China and Russia? The same China and Russia he courts with such amorous fervor?

Am I the only one getting the whole “Star Wars” vibe about this?

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis cautions that we can’t just set our phasers to stun, yet. The review must be complete and there must be some kind of understanding of what having a “Space Force” actually means.

The Air Force, which handles about 80 percent of the military's space operations, strongly opposed the idea of a Space Force when it was introduced by House lawmakers last year, saying it would just add unneeded bureaucracy. Since Trump came out in favor of the idea earlier this year, service leaders have said they are open to new ideas on how to handle space.

Because of that bizarre new thing we’re seeing, where if Trump says it, you automatically have to accept it.

This is still a developing story, and I absolutely believe it’s one Trump came up with on the fly, as he looks to head off other news.

So while everyone is looking at his right hand, don’t forget he’s got a left hand, and it’s busy.

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@cynicalnerd Lyndon Larouche and his followers are basically the main reason that the DCCC makes sure that a "normal" democrat runs for each seat in congress, to avoid the Democratic equivalent on Arthur Jones in the Illinois 3rd.


@FloridaMan I see your Jews in Space and raise you Star Drek. ... ... Damn it. Who was that democrat nationalist clown that wanted us to apply Manifest Destiny to space and was trying to steal publicity at several Tea Party rallies with loyalists waving this (whoever this douche was/is) for President, the one who made Ron Paul seem sane? EDIT: A friend just reminded me of the name... Lyndon LaRouche--if anything the I understated the level of crazy.


Who could listen to Mel Brooks' "Jews In Space" song and not join in the fun (or not get the hilarious lyrics stuck in their head)? This place needed a bit of levity and purposeful nonsense. There are a lot of funny folks here. Even funnier than Dark Helmet in "Spaceballs" combing the desert looking for the rebels--using a giant comb. Thanks, Susan!


Actually, there is something even more disturbing that the Space Force in what Trump said. He indicated that the Space Force would be the sixth branch of the Armed Forces. This indicates that there are five already, which means that in addition to the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines that he considers the Coast Guard to be the sixth branch of the Armed Forces, something they are emphatically not.


While I'm not sure either way on this, I'd use as a guide the reasons given in the 1940s for the only other similar split, the move of the Army Air Corps to be the Air Force.

As was mentioned earlier, I'm not sure that anything has specifically happened since Trump's inauguration that has made this more needed than it was during the last years of the Obama administration. I'm also not aware of anything specifically that Obama did to keep a separate space force off the table.