Transgenderism is Poisoning our Kids’ Minds and Bodies as We Idly Watch

At some point, men and women of virtue must accept the pop culture persecution and stand up for our children.

If you’re wondering how fast Western Civilization is hurtling itself towards the edge of a cliff, simply look at the news coming out of Britain:

Dorothy Stringer School, in Brighton, has had 40 pupils between the ages of eleven and 16 who do not identify with their biological sex. A further 36 pupils identify as ‘gender-fluid’.

Over the past five years, the number of children referred to the NHS’s gender clinic has risen by 700 per cent.

I work with young people on a daily basis here in the United States as a public high school teacher. The temptations and tests are different these days for kids and teenagers, but the pressures are the same as they’ve always been: identity, acceptance, recognition, belonging. Childhood and adolescence has always been a confusing and exciting stage of life, but one that we have historically understood requires guidance from older, wiser voices.

The tragedy of Western Civilization is that such voices have evaporated into the ether and have been eclipsed by the loud, aggressive, indignant, and angry voice of the activist. There is great reason to be alarmed at such a development given that the activist cares about his cause, not ultimately the subject he uses as pawns to advance it. Never has that been better evidenced than it is with the LGBT revolutionaries that control pop culture.

One mother found her daughter visiting websites where strangers were telling her what to say to get doctors to prescribe her hormones.

YouTube activists urge young listeners to “just do it”, with very little mention of the damaging consequences.

Writing for The Sunday Times, Andrew Gilligan said: “In thousands of Instagram posts, Tumblr messages and YouTube ‘vlogs’, impressionable young people, largely girls, are told by upbeat, pretty folk slightly older than themselves how transitioning can be an escape route from uncertainty, autism, friendlessness, abuse, the pains of puberty, or homosexuality.”

Consequently, we have a generation being blindly led into life-altering body mutilations, as well as chemical poisoning that yields infertility and other complications, and it’s all being done in the name of tolerance. And like all effective activism, those voices in the medical community or the general population that express concern over what amounts to a deadly fad that is overwhelming our children’s innocence are shouted down by accusations of bigotry and prejudice.

In Brighton, LGBT charity Allsorts Youth Project asserts that parents who question their child’s wish to transition could be referred to social services.

The group has been highly active at Dorothy Stringer School, which now has 76 gender-confused students.

Think about that: 76 gender-confused students in one school. The LGBT sexual revolution breeds the confusion; they provoke it, encourage it, then thrive on it and use it to their advantage. And in a decade’s time, when mutilated, infertile, depressed and suicidal young adults look back with regret and ask us, “Why did you let me do this to myself?” it will be too late.

One of the Brighton school teachers interviewed for this piece admitted that “many” of the school’s teachers are worried about what is happening, but that “nobody wants to speak up” and face the character assassination from LGBT activists that would surely follow.

At some point men and women of virtue must accept the pop culture persecution and stand up for our children against those who are poisoning their minds and bodies for the sake of politics.

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I honestly do not know what to do anymore. I feel battered and bruised in this political climate. Liberals always win.

Ron Black
Ron Black

"Confusing" is the conservative political party relentlessly defending a human piece of garbage who engaged in kinky sex with two porn stars while his wife was at home with his baby.

That was when sexual decency formally died in the USA. It showed that you can do absolutely anything you want and still be President of the United States as long as you make the right political moves.

While I'm not conflating transgenders with with moral deviance--clearly these people are physically atypical and it is not their fault--the idea that we can somehow return the USA to a more sexually moral footing is a waste of time. People should instead embrace the new normal and try to make the best of things.


To move our leaders to action, we need to learn from the Civil Rights movement. What if they had given up, disbanded in 6 months. No, they were organized and beyond persistent, working into every corner of America. There used to be a proud silent majority. Silence is golden, but unfortunately in this world, it makes no head way. Must stand in numbers and be heard


It seems the "transgender" political agenda is slowly destroying a pillar in the "gay" political agenda, as it begins to prove that nurture is ever more important than nature, when it comes to the mind deciding what is "right" in sexual terms. That runs counter to the "gay" political agenda's claims that it is all settled at birth.


What should we do? Take charge. Stand up to the ulterior motives of those subverting children to achieve an altered future society. Take the truth to the Town Hall, meetings, PTSA, unify, let your voice be heard, vote. Politicians listen to their voters still, if we practice unity & solidarity