Top Dem Wants to Impeach Kavanaugh, Go “All In” on Russia

Hopes that the Dems might have learned from their blunders are dimming.

Mollie Hemingway has a fascinating—and terrifying—story in The Federalist about a conversation she overheard between Jerrold Nadler, a senior member of the House Judiciary Committee, and an unknown second party about how the Democrats plan to use their new majority in the House of Representatives once they take control next year.

Hemingway, who happened to be riding in the same train car with Nadler as they traveled from New York to DC, apparently couldn’t help but hear the loudmouth Dem as he laid down plans to seek revenge for the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh was confirmed after a contentious battle in which Senate Democrats—aided by their allies in the news media—waged an all-out campaign of character assassination using uncorrborated and even patently false accusations of sexual assault, a disgraceful abuse of the advise and consent process that is widely seen as the reason that Republicans made significant gains in the Senate even as they lost the House:

> Nadler was headed to DC for a two-day planning session with his staff and Judiciary Committee staff. “We’ve got to figure out what we’re doing,” he explained in a phone call with a friend. Nadler requested that the friend’s name be concealed on the grounds he is a private citizen.

> His. . .plan is to go after Kavanaugh because “there’s a real indication that Kavanaugh committed perjury.”

> Nadler was apparently discussing a. . .claim, since debunked, which is that Kavanaugh perjured himself when he denied hearing of The New Yorker’s disputed allegation involving Deborah Ramirez until the story came out. Considering that The New Yorker included a denial from Kavanaugh in its own controversial story, and was asking him about it right before publication, and he acknowledged all that in his Senate testimony, it’s unclear how fruitful such a perjury claim would be.

> The caller then suggested that impeachment might still be worthwhile because the president elected in 2020 could nominate someone else. Nadler said the problem was that any investigation wouldn’t take long enough to last until the presidential election. “There are a finite amount of witnesses. I don’t see why it should take long at all,” he said. “We’re not talking about a 30-year scheme of getting money from Russians via hidden sources — that takes time.”

> That was an apparent reference to Democrat beliefs in a dramatic and unsubstantiated theory that Trump conspired with Russia to steal the 2016 presidential election. He promised it would also be an avenue that Democrats would pursue vigorously at the launch of the new Congress.

> Nadler said Russia investigations would be under a broad umbrella of holding Trump “accountable,” since it’s a more palatable argument than impeachment, that they would be going “all-in,” and much of what they get to would be “depending on what [special counsel Robert] Mueller finds.” Still, he said the Judiciary Committee would only be in a supportive role to Rep. Adam Schiff and the Intelligence Committee, which has “a way ahead start on that.” Still, he said Judiciary “will have a role” in the Russia investigations.

Read the whole article. Just be sure to breathe and keep your blood pressure under control. Some duct tape to wrap around your head to keep it from exploding might not be a bad idea either.

Even though Nadler might look like a cross between Jabba the Hutt and one of those weird vilians from Sin City, I find it difficult to believe that he could be so stupid. Has he learned nothing from what happened to his fellow Democrats after the Kavanaugh fiasco? America was digusted enough with their antics the first time around. Now he wants to put the country through that wringer again?

Also, has Nadler even bothered to consider what it would mean to weaponize impeachment like that? Harry Reid killing the filibuster for Barack Obama’s judicial nominees already came back to bite Democrats hard when Mitch McConnell took a page from their playbook and ditched it from the Supreme Court. What does he think the Republicans will do the next time they take control of the House? The GOP would be foolish not to respond in kind and start impeaching liberal justices. Does he really want to unleash that kind of mutually assured destruction?

This business with hammering the whole Trump-Russia collusion story isn’t very wise, either. By all means, allow Special Counsel Robert Mueller to present his evidence—assuming he has any—but if all Democrats want to do is investigate, investigate, investigate, they’ll squander their opportunity to prove to the voters who gave them their majority that they’re actually capable of governing.

Don’t get me wrong–it’s not as if I’m hung-ho to see the Democrats succeed at anything. I still believe, however, that the country is stronger when power is divided and we’re forced to achieve consensus among all the competing interests. I can only hope that the Democrats who ran as moderates and won in traditionally Republican territory will see this madness for what it is, and put a stop to it before it has a chance to even start.

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I don't put much faith in the Democrat moderates keeping the lid on the loons as Nancy Pelosi is going to be in for a rude shock thanks to Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow Community Organizers.


I have said before that the myopic and delusional, yes DELUSIONAL, Left/Progressive/Modern Liberal just can't hold back the tide, REAL tsunami, of ATTACK against the RINO WHIG Democrat Lite Repubs. They fit Albert Einstein's excellent definition of INSANITY where an individual or group continues to engage in the same behavior (s) over and over again, each and every time expecting to get a different result but each and every time getting the exact same result. That is INSANE behavior and also very destructive not just to the individual or group but will include others in their sphere of influence.

The Democrat Party which has taken a very sharp turn to the Left and has become ever more Radicalized. In 2007, Obama declared for the "fundamental transformation of America". His three word pronouncement finally was in the Public sphere for all to hear and see. He laid the cards of the Democrats on the table and wanted to declare Victory.. He spent the 8 years of his administration attempting to implement that "fundamental transformation. For the Mid-terms, he was out on the campaign trail supporting far Left/Progressive/Modern Liberal candidates. Fortunately, Voters disregarded his appeal for embracing the Radical Left/Democratic Socialism (oxymoron). All those candidates he support lost. His record was a BIG fat ZERO. Voters understood his message and rejected it.

The Blue Wave did not materialize. Americans woke up on Wednesday and NOTHING changed. The Democrat did gain control of the House and the Repubs gained seats in the Senate. Donald J. Trump is still President and a voice that the Democrats will continue to stifle regardless the consequences of their actions.

Divided government is GOOD. It allows the American Voter to see plainly what each Party stands for and what direction they want America to go toward. Their job is to make America Great. Their job is to make America Safe and Secure. Their job is to protect the Sovereign nation of the USA. Their job is to protect at all costs the "unalienable right" of all Americans. Their job as they swear to protect the US Constitution. Their job is to do the RIGHT thing. Their job is NOT to "fundamentally transform America".

The IDEOLOGY of the Left/Progressive/Modern Liberal is all consuming. It is their Religion and they bow down before it. It is the substance of their existence. Nothing else takes a priority over it. It is adopted as its own RESISTANCE to anything and everything that stands in its way. Any form or shape of opposition is deemed unacceptable. That opposition is immediately labelled EVIL and, therefore, MUST be destroyed.

The Left/Progressive cannot live in Reality especially when it departs from their Collectivist IDEOLOGY. They simply DENY its existence and create an Alternative Reality that will act like an echo chamber for the Collective enabling the constant 24/7 reinforcement of its BELIEF. There is no cost to high to pay for fulfillment of the Utopian vision of creating Paradise on Earth. This Leftist/Progressive/Modern Liberal IDEOLOGY was portrayed in George Orwell's excellent book 1984. 1984 showed that the magical Utopian vision is NOTHING more than the living HELL of Dystopia.

The question that arises from the results of the Mid-terms isn't HOW? will the Democrats with control of the House use their POWER to "fundamentally transform America"? It is a given that will the Power and Control as the Majority in the House they will appoint Radicals to head the various Committees and go after President Trump. Will this be GOOD for America? Will the Democrats be looking out for the welfare of the country? Will the Democrats make America safe and more secure? According Representative Nadler, the answer is a resounding NO. They are much more interested in getting Donald J. Trump. Trump Derangement Syndrome and its bastard child Trump Anxiety Disorder will go nuclear.

The response of the Democrats in the Kavanaugh Hearings was pinyin Democrat history. Their HATRED of President Trump has NOT diminished but has grown. With a Majority in the House, the Committee Chairmanships will be relentless in taking down the President.

Could this then be the final nail in the Democrat Party coffin? They have learned NOTHING over the last two years but more extreme revenge. The Post Mid-term Press Conference by the President proved that with a Royal Flush. CNN's Jim Acosta proved that there are no longer boundaries or Red Lines that can't be erased or destroyed for the benefit of the IDEOLOGY.

The Democrat Party has 2 years to diminish and destroy their brand. 2020 is not that far off.

I can hear the click and a voice saying "ACTION".


So basically you have written a story repeating hearsay discussion about impeachment and going all in on Russia. I'm sure whoever heard this has no vested interest in getting this out in public. Highly suspect!


Impeachment is failure theater without sufficient support in the Senate.