Top Dem Wants to Impeach Kavanaugh, Go “All In” on Russia

Hopes that the Dems might have learned from their blunders are dimming.

Mollie Hemingway has a fascinating—and…

Hemingway, who happened to be riding in the same train car with Nadler as they traveled from New York to DC, apparently couldn’t help but hear the loudmouth Dem as he laid down plans to seek revenge for the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh was confirmed after a contentious battle in which Senate Democrats—aided by their allies in the news media—waged an all-out campaign of character assassination using uncorrborated and even patently false accusations of sexual assault, a disgraceful abuse of the advise and consent process that is widely seen as the reason that Republicans made significant gains in the Senate even as they lost the House: