Tom Steyer is bad at politics.

Tom Steyer has a "need to impeach." He also has a need to hire better political consultants.

Tom Steyer: He's the guy who funds those "need to impeach" ads you see when flicking past CNN and MSNBC. He's also really big into "clean energy." And he's really, really bad at politics.

Resurgent Insider previously reported that Steyer was trying to hire Beltway Republicans to torpedo Energy Secretary, former Texas Gov. and conservative legend Rick Perry's power plan.

Steyer's latest debacle is an Arizona ballot initiative aimed at boosting green power. Except it would force the shutdown of the state's nuclear power plant, which like all nuclear power plants emits no greenhouse gases and which just so happens to currently provide 36 percent of Arizona's power.

But it turns out, people who think Steyer's big Arizona idea is dumb may never have to worry about it passing because apparently Tom Steyer hires dumb political consultants who can't figure out how to get initiatives onto the ballot in Arizona.

From the Free Beacon:

Clean Energy for a Health Arizona (CEHA) turned in just over 480,000 signatures earlier in the month.


AFAE claims that after a weeks-long review of the petitions submitted to the secretary of state’s office, "195,339 of these signatures were from individuals not registered to vote in Arizona and, therefore, ineligible to sign the initiative petition," and claimed another 74,227 signatures were included on improperly or non-notarized petitions.

Along with several other thousand signatures they believe are invalid, AFAE claims that only about 106,00 signatures turned in pass muster, "a validity rate of approximately 22 percent."

What's more, Steyer seems to have hired felons to gather signatures. That is a big no-no in Arizona.

From the Daily Caller:

Arizonans for Affordable Electricity confirmed to The Daily Caller News Foundation that 20,021 signatures were gathered by circulators who hold felony records. Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona used at least 85 circulators who were convicted felons and never had their rights restored. Under Arizona law, felons are barred from working as canvassers — making any signatures collected by them null and void.

“For months, we warned Tom Steyer and the phony ‘Clean Energy’ campaign he’s bankrolling that they had registered dozens of individuals with felony criminal records to collect signatures, a violation of state law. We identified these felons by name and called out their crimes of violence, ranging from second degree murder to vehicular homicide, domestic violence and aggravated assault,” Matthew Benson, a spokesman for Arizonans for Affordable Electricity, said in a statement obtained by TheDCNF.

Steyer allegedly wants to run for President, and face off against President Trump in 2020. He may be good at list building, with his "need to impeach" campaign. But it doesn't look like Trump has much to worry about, based on Steyer's inability to manage a relatively straightforward ballot initiative process in a state like Arizona, let alone a nationwide presidential race.

E.E. Bokbok
E.E. Bokbok

You'd be surprised how many Republicans there are out there would prefer president Pence instead.


Steyer gets his ads on Fox as well. I think they laugh all their way to the bank to cash his checks.

E.E. Bokbok
E.E. Bokbok

Thank you for pointing this out. I thought it was just me. I think his commercials are corny and clunky--and I support his cause.

Most of the guys in his position spend their time behind the scenes with the money, like the Koch Brothers et. al. He should do the same--and maybe hire an actor to do the commercials.