Time to Speak Truth to Power on Transgenderism

Let heartless political activists celebrate their “victory.” May we show actual love by testifying to the truth.

While all the focus has been on the disgusting actions of men sexually abusing or harassing women in their charge, one of the most distressing things to observe in our ongoing sexual rebellion is going largely unnoticed. The embrace and promotion of transgender confusion and behavior is a perfect depiction of how evil men can be to one another. For the sake of power politicians use these hurting individuals. For the sake of fame and profit, social justice warriors exploit them.

After the recent elections of Democrat Danica Roem, who became the first openly transgender official in Virginia, and openly transgender city councilmen in Minneapolis, progressive activists celebrated their political triumph without even a hint of concern over what they might be doing to the tortured souls of those who truly believe they are trapped in the wrong body.

Because when the confetti stops flying and the fawning interviews cease for Danica, he will still be a man attempting valiantly to live life as a woman – something that he’s not. That’s not natural, it’s not healthy, it’s not safe. But don’t take my word for it. I’ve never dealt with these struggles personally or professionally. But there are those who have.

For professionally testimony, maybe it’s time we listen to the medical professionals who deal with this issue, as I highlighted here a few weeks ago. For personally testimony, maybe it’s time we listen to people who have attempted to find peace “transitioning” the way pop culture celebrates. People like Rene Jax:

Rene Jax had gender-change surgery from male-to-female (MTF) in 1980. He broke barriers when he became the first openly trans police officer in San Francisco. Now this history-maker has written a book, “Don’t Get On the Plane: Why a Sex Change Will Ruin Your Life,” in which he uses his experience to show the dangerous outcomes that result when government and medicine use political correctness instead of science as a guide.

Or Max Robinson:

This past September, The Economist 1843 Magazine told the story of Max Robinson’s detransition in a well-nuanced article about treating transgender children. Max was born female, but after years of feeling like a misfit in his sex, she came out as transgender to her parents around age 15.

Max saw a therapist, and against the therapist’s advice insisted that she had to have hormones and surgery. She started testosterone shortly before she turned 17, and had a mastectomy the following year. It was a happy time for Max. But six months after she began successfully passing as a male, she realized, deep down, that she wasn’t sure any more. When Max was 19, just more than three years after she came out as transgender, she realized she’d made a mistake and began detransitioning.

Or Elan Anthony:

Elan Anthony, now age 42, told his story of transition and detransition for The Guardian this September. He transitioned to female at age 19 and detransitioned 20 years later. His story is like many others who swallow the idea “hook, line and sinker” that one can change genders. He now thinks he was rushed into transitioning by well-intentioned but ultimately misguided people. It took a long time and a lot of therapy to conclude that transitioning from male to female was, for him, a mistake.

Notice those words, “well-intentioned but ultimately misguided.” Progressive secularists and sexual revolutionaries are eager to pretend that their promotion of transgender behavior is a demonstration of their love. In actuality, it is the precise opposite. Evidence continues to mount that rebellion against science, biology, and reality yields exactly what a thinking person would expect it to yield: misery.

Let heartless political activists celebrate their “victory.” Those who truly love our neighbors battling this confusion will listen to the hurting and speak truth to power.

As in the days of Sodom and Gomorra. Get ready folks

We are the Romans 1-2 generation...

@peterheck well-intentioned but ultimately misguided ... doesn't that describe not just those promoting transgenderism, but much of the liberal agenda? I don't put evil motives on most progressives -- I think that is the perfect description for the majority of leftists.

"Well-intentioned but misguided" is true of everyone everywhere some of the time regardless of political, religious, social, etc affiliation. Humans are imperfect. All men/people are sinners. If you squint, Adolph Hitler and Osama bin Laden were "well-intentioned but misguided." Are there some people who undergo gender reassignment treatment who should not because their underlying psychological/spiritual issues were misdiagnosed? Certainly. The cases cited in the above piece demonstrate that beyond question. Does that mean that all transgender people are simply mistaken or deluding themselves? I'm not willing to go that far, because I don't know and words like "all," "never," "always" and "none" are just begging the user of them to be in error.


For "Gender Reassignment" to be an appropriate treatment for someone, it would have to be the case that the person really is a different gender than their biological gender. But that is (yeah, I'll say it) NEVER the case. If a person believes they are a different gender, it is a mental health issue, and it should be treated as such. The paradigm in which a person can be a different gender than their biological sex is 100% made up, and has 0% objective truth behind it. The entire concept is "well-intentioned but misguided". Some think that the belief these individuals have that they are "trapped" in a body that is the wrong sex is so strong and difficult to treat that it is more compassionate to just go with it, tell them they are right (they really are trapped in the wrong body), and offer a surgery to change their body to match their "real" gender. But again, the entire concept of being "trans" is completely made up, with no objective backing whatsoever. If someone believes they are a different gender than their actual (biological of course) gender, this is objectively, obviously a mental health issue. Telling them that it is not, but that they are "trans" is ALWAYS a well-intentioned lie that results in drastic, life-changing surgery, and also leads to neglecting the actual mental health issue that should be addressed.

Trans persons have a 40% suicide rate , surgery and hormones do not change that rate. It indicates to me that these persons have mental health issues, maybe deep seated and multiple. Any non-trans person talking about, attempting or succeeding at suicide is considered to have mental health issues and in need of treatment from a competent therapist.

Haypa2: I don't think transgenders have a 40% suicide rate; they kill themselves at a rate 40% above the general population.

When we speak truth to power, it would be useful for us to know what we're talking about. Before we make such claims as "The paradigm in which a person can be a different gender than their biological sex is 100% made up, and has 0% objective truth behind it", we should at least be aware of 5α-reductase deficiency, androgen insensitivity syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, Leydig cell hypoplasia, etc., and their variable effects on sex and gender. Some knowledge of fetal, neonatal, and pubertal development would also be valuable. Sometimes, biology is not quite so politically convenient as we might like it to be, and we risk sounding more ignorant than truthful when we tell power what's what.