Tim Kaine fibs about his chances to rake in $$, schlongs fellow Dem senators

Tim Kaine: Not just one of the worst VP candidates ever. Also a huge boon to the GOP and polling fabulist!

Remember Tim Kaine? He's the former governor of Virginia and current senator from Virginia that no one tends to pay much attention to, unlike his fellow former governor and also current senator from Virginia, Sen. Mark Warner, who likes to get drunk at parties and claim to have goods to spill about the Mueller investigation.

Kaine was on the ballot in 2016 as Hillary Clinton's running mate, and he's on the ballot again in 2018.

He's going to win in a landslide, but you'd never know it from his fundraising emails, which make it sounds like he's in deep doo-doo in his race against Minnesota-bred carpetbagger, walking gaffe, and defender of all things confederate and anti-immigration, Republican Corey Stewart.

In fact, you could be forgiven for thinking Kaine is likelier to get turfed out of the U.S. Senate this fall than, well, Claire McCaskill or Bill Nelson or any number of actually endangered Democrats, because Kaine likes to dabble in polling fabulism like he's Donald Trump.

Here's a screenshot of a Kaine email from last month. Note the reference to a "Morning Consult Generic Congressional Ballot In Competitive Senate" poll that appears to have Kaine ahead by a mere 3 points.

One tiny problem: No such poll appears to exist. At all.

Here is Morning Consult's May Generic Congressional Ballot In Competitive Senate States polling. Virginia isn't even included as a state.

Did the Kaine team just make a poll up in order to solicit more money from small dollar Democratic donors who Democratic leadership would probably prefer to see send their cash to races in Arizona, Florida, Indiana or Missouri by the looks of, um, Morning Consult's May Generic Congressional Ballot In Competitive Senate States polling? Inquiring minds want to know.

In a more recent email, Kaine seems to be dabbling in poll fabulism again, too, suggesting he can only win 44 percent of the vote against Stewart.

The problem?

Well, for one thing, the poll is now more than a month old, when it's being referenced in an email purporting to bring "bad news."

For another, what Kaine isn't telling his donors is that while the poll does indeed show him pulling 44 percent against Stewart, it also shows Stewart pulling the astonishingly low 33 percent.

It also shows that by 15 points, voters view Kaine more favorably than unfavorably (we guess they didn't watch his VP debate performance where he looked like he'd been loaded up with ten cans of Red Bull and corseted with saran-wrap underneath his suit).

These are all details that point to an obvious conclusion: Kaine doesn't really need Democratic small dollar donors' money. He just wants it. And presumably a bunch of his more endangered Senate colleagues are going to want to hit him over the head with a frying pan if they read about this kind of hyperbole getting thrown around in a race where the latest polling has Kaine up by-- wait for it-- eighteen points over his opponent.

Given this kind of behavior, Republicans probably ought to send Kaine a big bunch of flowers for grabbing at donations that could be going to fund Democrats who will be easier to beat in the absence of cash that been diverted by Kaine list members to a totally safe senator.

And the universe probably ought to deliver Kaine a race that he doesn't win by ten points, just for being a hyperbolist who has won statewide more than once but acted like he was going to be taken out by someone that a ton a of Virginia Republicans themselves consider even more of an unelectable joke than they did President Trump (who lost Virginia by five points in 2016, by the way).

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Dianna D
Dianna D

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I am a conservative Virginian, and even I view Kaine more favorably than Corey Stewart. Kaine may have shared the national ticket with Hillary, but the two are not political clones. Kaine is quite moderate compared to Hillary, and progressives didn't like his presence on the ticket for that reason. When he was governor here in Virginia, he was pretty moderate. Many Virginians like moderates. And his Senate opponent, Corey Stewart, generates extremely negative feelings in many voters because he is so unabashedly racist. I wouldn't vote for an anti-Semite white supremacist like him if my life depended on it! This will be the only electoral race in Virginia that I have ever not been concerned if the Democrat ends up winning, because Kaine is definitely the lesser of THOSE two evils.

Alex Wilson
Alex Wilson

"a ton a of Virginia Republicans themselves consider even more of an unelectable joke than they did President Trump (who lost Virginia by five points in 2016, by the way)."

I haven't considered myself a Republican since 2013 when the national GOP abandoned Ken Cuccinelli, but as a libertarian who began the politically aware portion of my life as a conservative and still votes on the Republican side of VA's open primaries, I agree with this completely.