This So-Called 'Bromance' Study Is Pure Bullcrap

Making all close male relationships into “bromances” with kissing and cuddling, the authors seek to make all men gay.

If you’re looking for examples of how liberal “science” is pushing two simultaneous and mutually exclusive stories on our culture, stop looking. A so-called “study” finds “straight men in ‘bromances’ often kiss and cuddle.”

Published in a supposedly academic, peer-reviewed journal called “Sex Roles: A Journal of Research,” the study “asked a series of in-depth questions to 30 British undergraduate sport students to try and discover what straight men really get up to with their best friends.“

Talk about a self-selecting sample: British undergraduate sports students are a particular lot that doesn’t speak for “men” in general. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that 10 out of 10 actual straight guys, who are not British undergraduate sports students would react to the “kissing and cuddling” with “huh?” or other more-to-the-point exclamations of incredulity.

In short, the study, and the conclusions of its “researchers” are bullcrap.

The point of this is to weaken the definition of “heterosexual” or “straight” and include people who engage in what has always been classified as homosexual activity. The purpose is to sexualize all close male friendships and normalize homosexual activity.

This wonderful but long read by Anthony Esolen sums it up pretty well.

On three great bonds of love do all cultures depend: the love between man and woman in marriage; the love between a mother and her child; and the camaraderie among men, a bond that used to be strong enough to move mountains. The first two have suffered greatly; the third has almost ceased to exist.

By making all close male relationships into “bromances” that open the door to kissing and cuddling, the authors of this study seek to make all men a little bit (a lot) gay.

And if you peel back the surface of the LGBT movement and speak to individuals who are willing to be honest, you’ll find many gay men consider “straight” to be a state of mind, as one colleague put it, “just a few drinks away from a gay encounter.” This thought runs counter to the prevailing narrative that sexual preference is lifelong and immutable. If gays are born gay and must always be gay, then straight people are born straight and should never be tempted.

Yet we find that the thought of luring straight people into a gay encounter is fairly strong in the gay community once we get past political arguments. The two things can’t coexist. It’s why the gay community so strongly condemns any Christian (or other) programs to help people with unwanted same-sex attraction find a life in a heterosexual setting.

To the LGBT community, and the authors of this bullcrap study, it’s impossible for a gay person to identify and live as a straight person, because they’d be betraying their true nature. But it’s very possible for straight guys to have gay relationships with kissing and cuddling (and remain straight).

The entire illogic of the argument is nonsense on steroids.

But watch the LGBT community and their fellow travelers who really want a libertine and hedonistic society (and don’t care that it’s unsustainable) tout this kind of gobbledygook so that thirty British undergraduate sports students get to set the playing field for all men.

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Addressing the first assumption, "Published in a supposedly academic, peer-reviewed journal called “Sex Roles: A Journal of Research,”..."
Academia has a closed system for peer review, so that process can be a stilted as any Op-Ed if the topic happens to be near and dear to given "peers". The term "peer" is suspect in these areas in general -- soft sciences are far more qualitative and subjective than hard sciences, so is not difficult to imagine this being the outcome of a "squishy" peer review.


Homosexuals have a way of normalizing words that had/have different meanings. This is more of the same after marriage was torn apart for the sake of other's happiness. This stuff will not go away. It's the entire family that is being torn apart. They know exactly what they're doing. At least the ones doing the stirring do. The roots are found in communism.


Normal sexual attraction is for the opposite sex. Science first used a scientific term when something is different than what is expected. The term is "queer" When I conduct an experiment that should reveal the result expected and it is something different; it is queer. That is why a person who was attracted to someone of the same sex was called a "queer". Through recent years there has been many attempts to "normalize" the behavior. The person is born that way. A gene mutation, a mental illness, something in the DNA yet to be isolated, etc. The argument was strongly against "choice"; but it is choice.


I've known many men who would lay down their lives for one another (both inside and outside of the military). I've known many men who would not hesitate to embrace a close friend, in a rough but genuinely affectionate hug. But I've never known any men who cuddle and kiss. I know they exist, of course, but those actions represent a different type of relationship with vastly differing agendas.


Your post is right on target Kathy C. I have lived among many men all of my life and I have never seen anything like these people are describing. You are more apt to see two male friends who haven't seen one another in awhile punch one another in the shoulder than hug or kiss. And many of the men will even just give a side hug to women they have known a long time.