These People Don't Care About Blacks in America

Supporting Democrat objectives on immigration necessarily pits you against the upward social mobility of young black men

One of the questions that conservatives have been asking for a long time is when exactly the large block of black voters that consistently support the Democrat Party at the polls will realize that they’re being used. This is less about defending Republican Party policies regarding the interests of the inner cities and black communities and more about pointing out how wretched Democrat Party policies have been towards them.

When the history of our American era is written, it will be well established that modern liberalism simply debilitated the efforts of many black citizens to escape a vicious cycle of poverty.

Consider the spectacle of Democrat members of the Congressional Black Caucus remaining stoic and indifferent during President Trump’s State of the Union Address when he highlighted the encouraging drop in black unemployment numbers. While anecdotal, it is revealing of something far more sinister.

It’s one thing to not celebrate good news for black people in America. It’s quite another to advocate legislation that creates bad news for black people in America. Yet that is precisely what the Democrats of the Congressional Black Caucus continue to do.

It bears repeating that the demographic that is hardest hit by illegal immigration (and even liberal legal immigration policies) is young black males. Yet what group of individuals are some of the greatest champions of this very kind of porous immigration policy? The Democrat Party generally, and the Congressional Black Caucus specifically.

Simply put, supporting Democrat Party objectives on immigration necessarily pits you against the best interest and upward social mobility of young black males in America’s inner cities. There is no way around that quantifiable reality.

Moreover, there was another moment during the State of the Union that should alarm anyone who even pretends to be focused on the well-being of black Americans. In an effort to highlight the growing problem of criminal illegal aliens in the country, President Trump had invited the black parents of a teenage girl murdered by illegal aliens involved in the international crime gang MS-13. The story was heartbreaking for anyone with even the smallest degree of empathy in their soul.

That apparently did not include the Democrats in the Congressional Black Caucus who refused to stand and honor the slain teenager or her parents. Such callousness hit the grieving father, Robert Mickens, especially hard:

Well, I thought it was very disrespectful for the simple fact the Democrats who were there that did not stand up, they were African-Americans. So that hurts me a lot to show they did not have the respect or to honor what just happened to our lives and to Americans' lives. It's not right, you know. Regardless of how they feel about the president, they should show the respect because I would show them the respect if that was their loved one.

I don’t doubt that Mickens would show that basic humanity. All of us who have not been corrupted by a party-first, agenda-driven, politics-obsessed culture that now defines D.C. surely would. If it wasn’t clear to black Americans before last Tuesday, it should be now: the people in Washington who claim to care about you don’t. They see only a political agenda – and if that means you get hurt or exploited in the process, so be it.

Inner city and black misery will continue in this country so long as people continue believing that D.C. offers the best hope of success – or that they even care about it.

When will evangelicals realize they are being used by the gop? Don't they know that the gop doesn't exactly line up with their goals? And some of their laws will hurt them personally?

In a two party system you have to pick a side. And the dems have done a lot to court black people since the 60's. While the dem's policies may hurt them, they also help them. And in aggregate it's a net win for the black community.

Yes immigration is bad for the people forced out of jobs. Just like automation will soon knock millions of truck drivers out of work. Coal jobs are drying up. It's just the nature of change.

I think it's telling that the dems have been pushing for universal healthcare as a way to combat a lot of this job loss. So maybe that's why black people are sticking with them.

In response to BenjaminD I would have to differ with you concerning your statement that "While the dem's policies may hurt them, they also help them." It's difficult for me to think of a single program that has helped the black community. Having universal healthcare does not put food on the table. Does not encourage young blacks to excel in school. Dem's strongly object to any education system outside the gov. run system, yet it is exactly the schools they rile against that offer blacks the best way out of poverty. The dems, have done little more than move the plantations out of the south and into the inner cities where they are feed, housed, ignore unless needed for votes , and allowed to live their lives without any hope of a brighter future.


I might have been a bit more convinced of GOP's caring if this article had stated the fact that there was not one, but two sets of black parents at SOTU whose daughters, best friends, were murdered by MS-13. Or if our president could occasionally admit that there are decent people in the illegal population/Daca recipients. Or if he would speak of black people as something other than losers living in hellscapes perpetually looking for handouts.

Amazing that blacks were pointed out by that "Lyin' President" a having benefitted by having the best unemployment record in modern history, by some of Trump's actions, isn't it? Amazing that Trump had a larger percentage of blacks voting for him than how many other Republican presidential candidates in how long? Trump performed a coup against the Congressional Black caucus, and they got shown for who they are and who they are for. It isn't the blacks, but themselves being the modern day slave holder they think they deserve to be. blacks are smart enough to figure it out, especially when they are given an overwhelming reason. Trump and Hillary, both, gave them that reason. Hillary just wanted them to remain on the plantation, run by the Congressional Black Caucus, while Trump showed them they were being played. his popularity among blacks is refreshing to see.

They don't care about Hispanics either. If they did, they'd be insisting on English-only classrooms since English-illiteracy has them stuck in poverty. But they insist that English-only is discriminatory, even though they're the ones setting up 11% of the population for failure.


A "net win for the black community"? So yeah, the Democrats might take away Black people's opportunity for self empowerment, but they make up for it by giving them free stuff? Sounds like an equitable trade off.


Immigration is not just "the nature of change". It is a policy and like any policy it should be designed to benefit the American people. Mass transformational immigration does not benefit the American people -- only a narrow band of interest groups that benefit economically and politically from the cheap labor and future votes.

Immigration policy can and should be adjusted to serve the needs of our country. It is not just some "change" that we have to roll over and accept as a part of the natural order of chang.


Clearly, you haven't been listening to Trump. Is he all over the place on what he says about our illegal population? Yes! Lately, he has been singing the praises of the Dreamers in trying to sell his amnesty.

The Dreamers are not all school valedictorians as the left would have us believe, nor are they all MS-13 members. On balance, however, I am sure they are much less wealthy and educated than our native born and for that reason they will cost us far more than they contribute in our social welfare country. Not to mention, they will be reliable future Democratic voters that will push our country further to the left. For these reasons say no to an amnesty of any kind.

What political party better lines up with your goals? If you can show me one, I will look into that. Sometime, almost always, people have to make choices they have some problems with, but their goals always have to go with what is best, for them, their religion and their country. Politics is selfish, and is always laden with pitfalls. It is silly to think you can have everything, just because you think that is the only right way. Yours is not the only way people think in this country. and, just so you know, the largest minority in the USA, is the individual. corralling all those individuals into believing what you believe is a herculean task because everyone has a say in what "They" think. I'm not being sarcastic in saying get into politics to change it, but you might see the other side of the political coin.

Surely you jest. It's hard for me to accept that in 2018, I have to type what I am about to type, but here goes - maybe reading the following will help you understand. In 2008, the Democratic Party (and its voters) lifted a decent, fair-minded, intelligent, compassionate black man into the office of President of the United States of America. Then in 2016, the Republican Party (and its voters) lifted a foul, bigoted fool and racist into the office of President of the United States of America. See the difference? These things are not riddles to be figured out. Why would anyone act as if they were? - it's super disingenuous.