These Are The 10 Best States for Gun Ownership in 2017

Guns & Ammo recently unveiled their 2017 list of "Best States for Gun Owners." Here are the top ten.

Guns & Ammo has unveiled their 2017 list of “Best States for Gun Owners” for the fifth year in a row. Did your state make the top ten or fade to the lower ten?

Here are the top ten states for gun ownership:







North Dakota




Here are the 10 worst states for gun ownership:



Rhode Island





New Jersey


New York

Bonus: Washington, D.C

Guns & Ammo based their methodology off of the following: Right-to-Carry, Black Rifles, the National Firearms Act (NFA), Castle Doctrine, and Miscellaneous.

To see the full list, go here.

I live in Georgia. One of the things that Guns & Ammo does not consider under Miscellaneous is a big plus for me. Last week, the Probate Court sent me a letter telling me that my permit would expire in 90 days. The letter included the fees for renewing. Georgia is carry friendly.

Minnesota is actually very carry-friendly state. Go through 9 hours of gun training, go to the county, get a permit. It is a "Shall Issue" state, meaning that unless you have any felonies or domestic violence, you WILL get your permit. And it's not just conceal-carry--it is open carry (although most people choose not to open carry).

I've been trying to find a good list of countries based on gun rights that are also takes into account other factors like Freedom of Speech and Religion and Limited Government because I want to know the best place to escape to if as Reagan feared we lose freedom here. The best resource I've found is an index that allows you to rank how important various aspects of freedom and see a list of countries based on your rankings. It's a good starting point, but has it's draw backs. For example in my rankings ( http://www.freeexistence.org/freedom.shtml?Property=3&DrugRights=0&Taxes=2&Corruption=3&Speech=4&Inflation=2&LtdGovt=3&Business=2&GunRights=4&Reverse=false ) I have Freedom of Speech/Religion and Gun rights set as my only two crucial categories, but a country I would expect to be near the top of my list, the Czech Republic, ranks behind New Zealand and Hong Kong both of which heavily restrict gun ownership and Hong Kong is the top rated of the three despite being the only country in my top 25 to score below 94% on Freedom of Speech/Religion.

I think the post needs an edit for the proper numbering, otherwise every state is #1. ;-) Anyway, I've gone from PA (which back in the 60s thru 80s was quite stronger than t is now), to CA (which is one of the worst). I've been planning on moving to AZ (#1 on the list) within 3-5 years.