Theology Prof: “Non-Human Animals” Vulnerable and Voiceless Like Unborn Babies

There are countless issues that rational, Biblical minds have to address in this small paragraph of garbled thoughts.

I about swallowed my tongue when I saw the video. Posted on…

“Well it’s one of those more interesting issues that the pro-life movement doesn’t generally take up. Uh, but I’ve done a little bit of my own work on this. And I think that non-human animals, though obviously not as important as human animals, merit our serious attention. They’re also vulnerable, they’re also voiceless, they’re also pushed to the margins because they are inconvenient, interestingly just like prenatal children are. And there’s a growing number of people who are pro-life, in that they’re anti-abortion, but also pro-life and they want to stand up for the dignity of non-human animals. And that’s a leading edge, a growing edge if you will, of the pro-life movement in 2018.”