The University of California’s Bubble is About to Burst

The University of California–one of the most prominent public university systems in the U.S.–is under fire for hosting lavish banquets concurrently with votes to raise tuition.

The UC Board of Regents, a volunteer governing board, has been throwing fancy dinners and banquets valued at $225,000 since 2012. UC President Janet Napolitano’s office has reimbursed the UC regents for this amount.. For example, they held a Jan. 25 banquet priced at $17,600 for 65 people, or $270 a head. More recently, the UC regents held a lavish dinner on May 17 priced at $15,199, at San Francisco’s Palace Hotel for 59 people — a $258-a-head event also billed to the university. So much for students coming first!