The Tale of the Red Hen and Sarah Huckabee Sanders

A Lexington, Virginia restaurant turned away the White House press secretary and her family for "moral reasons."

This is the story of two Red Hens.

The first Red Hen is a restaurant located in Lexington, Virginia. A bit of a firestorm was created when the owner of said restaurant balked at the notion of serving White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her family on Friday night.

The owner refused service on “moral grounds” and they left.

Sanders acknowledged the event with a tweet on Saturday.

Yes, I’m sure the White House press pool absolutely agree that you’re the epitome of graceful disagreement.

Now, let’s talk about the second Red Hen.

Sanders confirmed Saturday that she and her family were told to leave by the owner of The Red Hen in Lexington, Va. Facebook and Yelp users promptly flooded the restaurant’s pages with one- and five-star reviews, depending on their political leaning.

But the D.C. restaurant, located in the Bloomingdale area of the District, was caught in the crossfire.

“Great Food, great ethics,” one Yelp reviewer wrote. “If you think otherwise, you can go **** yourself. Great place for the family!”

“You want my money but you don’t want my politics,” an upset Facebook reviewer wrote on the restaurant’s page. “You can’t have it both ways for you to do what you did to Miss Sanders I find very disgraceful and in bad taste.”

That’s right. Sanders was tossed out of the Red Hen in Lexington, Virginia. The Red Hen in Washington, D.C. is catching the heat.

The innocent Red Hen of Washington posted to their Facebook page, explaining the mix up, but some people just don’t listen. They still feel there is some duty on the part of the Washington Red Hen to admonish, or as one comment suggested, to “stand up” to their “sister restaurant.”

They’re not even cousins. They just have the same name, and that’s unfortunate.

This is a good place for me to take the time to point out that if any of you are looking for my book on Amazon, and you see books on S&M, as well as other unsavory, “adult” subjects, authored by “Susan Wright” – that is not me.

It took a month of having the same guy follow me around social media, condemning my book and calling me a “harlot” before I realized he had the wrong Susan Wright. What’s more, he wouldn’t be told that he had the wrong Susan Wright, either.

The second, innocent Red Hen sent an email to staff, to get everyone up to speed on what was happening.

“You may notice some activity on social this morning as the Press Secretary was kicked out of a restaurant in Lexington VA called The Red Hen and many people are confusing our establishments,” the email read. “I just wanted to send a note to you all letting you know that Ms Sanders did not dine at The Red Hen in Bloomingdale last night.”

To be clear, she didn’t dine at The Red Hen in Lexington, Virginia, either. They kicked her out.

I’m sure the restaurant in Washington would be more than agreeable with serving Sanders and her family. Maybe she should look there, next.

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That was pretty much in the job description for Jesus. For you, not so much. As in not at all. Until you get called in to apply for the job as assistant to Jesus, you should just pay attention to removing the beam in your own eye before freaking out about the speck in someone else's.

And BTW, I think you have your presidents mixed up. Obama was the fake messiah, heralded as The One We Have All Been Waiting For.


Jesus Christ Himself, called out the hypocrites, and the fakes!! All you liars, deceivers, mockers, slanderers, women and child abusers, will be judged by the highest judge of all>>GOD!!! And this aint no lefty saying that!!!


@jamesbo says "She gets what she deserves". The mantra of the illiberal, intolerant Left----yeah, we were violent BUT THEY DESERVED IT!

Judge, jury and executioner on a slightly smaller level, still a model of the tyranny the Left wants to impose. AGREE WITH US OR PAY THE PRICE!


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Colonel Race says- I see the NeverTrumper cult of haters are rejoicing that there fellow bigots refused service to Sanders. Did you mean, their fellow bigots? If you're going to insult us with your fabrications, at least get your spelling checked. Be best!