The Shutdown is About to Get Real

Today is an empty payday for hundreds of thousands of federal workers paying for Trump, Schumer and Pelosi's tantrum.

Before today, it has been easy to argue over the partial federal government shutdown in emotional terms, and in visible images of certain closed facilities like the Smithsonian. But today, all that changes. Today is what should have been the first payday of 2019 for federal workers, and they are not getting a paycheck.

Rent and mortgage payments are due. Heating bills, electric bills, car payments, and tuition bills are due. Credit card bills to pay for Christmas gifts are due. And no money is coming in for hundreds of thousands of federal workers.

It's easy for those of us who agree that America needs better border security to poo-pooh emotional reports of workers selling their stuff on Facebook and Craigslist to pay bills as media bias. But it's not. Washington Post reporter Taylor Telford detailed some of the stories in a Friday morning story.

“Sells for $93.88 at Walmart. Asking $10,” a government worker wrote on a Craigslist ad for a Lulu Ladybug rocking chair. “We need money to pay bills.”

These problems are real, and they are pressing. The three rich spoiled brats involved in a joint tantrum over 0.14% of the federal budget don't care about a few thousand dollars per paycheck. Trump doesn't even keep his paycheck (a gross check, which paid bi-monthly is well over $16,000, which the rank-and-file outside of Washington would find impossibly extravagant). Pelosi and Schumer are both rich and have been financially secure for so long that they can't remember the last time they had to worry about paying a bill--if they ever did.

Guidance from government offices have provided little comfort so far, some workers said. No one in Washington seems to know how long the partial government shutdown will go on, but there’s been little reason to believe the end is close. Meanwhile, the Office of Management and Budget has provided sparse advice other than encouraging workers to reach out to creditors and mortgage companies before debts become due. The Coast Guard published a tip sheet this week suggesting employees hold garage sales or sell things online, walk dogs or babysit or “become a mystery shopper” to get by.

“Bankruptcy is a last option,” the tip sheet read.

To hell with arguing about the morality of a wall. For a political fight between spoiled brats to cause other, innocent parties, to be forced into thinking about bankruptcy is immoral and unconscionable.

As much as I want a wall, I believe the reality of the shutdown, should it continue, will quickly overcome this political fight. Pelosi and Schumer have surely told Democrats to hold out, let their constituents' suffering build up, and they'll win. I believe Trump will dig in further, or resort to the lunacy of some kind of invented "emergency power" to get what he wants.

It's easy for political pundits to see everything through the lens of policy or a personal love/hate for President Trump. It's easy for Jim Acosta to fly (business or first-class, undoubtedly, or coach, in the back of Air Force One) to McAllen, Texas to demonstrate how safe the (walled) border is. Acosta is getting a paycheck.

Congress is getting a paycheck (don't believe them when they express "solidarity" and preen about not taking their pay). Ask Democrat star Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez if she'll give up her paycheck.

“I’ve gotta run!” Ocasio-Cortez told The Post when asked the question Thursday on Capitol Hill.

She then scampered down a crowded hallway to get in line for her mock swearing-in with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

There's literally no pain for legislators and government officials who still get paid, to deprive those who have done nothing to deserve it from missing their bills, defaulting on mortgages, getting late fees and debt collector calls.

The only pain these legislators will feel is the angry phone calls. But they're too cynical to care except to use that legitimate anger as a political weapon. Because our government is being run by a bunch of spoiled three year olds fighting over a toy. My 9- and 8-year-old boys would have solved this problem and built the wall weeks ago, because in comparison to the toddlers in stinky pull-ups we have in Washington, they are mature.

It's about to get very real for those being used as pawns in a very stupid fight. Democrats have a reasonable offer on the table, for a near-insignificant amount of money. They want the shutdown to hurt. In fact, they're counting on it. Trump is no better. He plays for an audience consisting of his supporters and Fox & Friends watchers (the same group).

Shame on them all.

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Trump Schumer and Pelosi are making the Clintons look good.


Well you can see the sympathy that Trump/ wall supporters have for the Coasties and the TSA and assorted other govt employees. Nada, zilch, none. What's telling is how folks who comment on these articles have no empathy or sympathy for the victims of this stupid shutdown. As a former Coastie I can tell you that the backbone of the USCG is made up of junior petty officers and these E2-E5 enlisted men and women have families. It's pretty despicable to tell them to go hold a garage sale or be a dog walker when they continue to have to perform their jobs whether paid or not. Some of them live in expensive areas like Monterey, NYC, SF, coastal rents are inflated and the only reason they can live close to their duty stations is because they get stipends for quarters. Those allowances and base pay will not be forthcoming. In my opinion this is a violation of the Welfare Clause of the US constitution. I find it strangely dissonant to hear "conservatives" tout support for the armed forces yet blithely act as if the damage this shutdown is doing to the honorable men and women in the USCG and their families is somehow justified as long as you get your medieval wall. As I said, it's despicable and many of you commenting are despicable for supporting it!


Of course they're not getting paid. You have to do work to get paid. If you're not doing work, you're not getting paid. And if you are doing work without getting paid, you're a sucker. Quit and get a job that actually pays you. Now I realize it's a good thing that the government got shut down because now thousands of federal workers with inflated salaries and job security realize how the 325 million Americans who don't work for the government have to live.

Oh, and this is a partial government shut down.


I guess I will be the "Grinch" here. My wife and I scrimped and saved the first year of our marriage, so we didn't have to live pay check to paycheck. We both worked at mid level jobs. When we bought our first house we had trouble getting a mortgage loan because we had no credit rating; we bought everything we owned with cash and owed no one. We lived well enough to have a six-month cushion in our finances in case of the unexpected. We live well in retirement because we financially planned for it; all long and short term debt paid off. If we could do it, so can others. It is not that difficult. We continue to volunteer for charitable events and donate to charity. My advice would be for others not to buy the first shiny "toy" they see. PLAN your purchases. It is common sense.


I feel bad for these employees as they've done nothing wrong, but the media is over hyping this. Besides govt shutdowns have a shelf life of about 30 days once they're resolved. Nobody will care by 2020. Except the MAGA voters should Trump fold. They'll remember and stay home on election day.

Trump should go to Mar A Lago and play golf until Chuck and Nancy are ready to get serious. This is just ratings porn for CNN.