The Resurgent's Football Recap

Aaron Rodgers was heroic, Jimbo Fisher was mad, and South Carolina was embarrassed.

It was a weekend full of surprises for football fans.

The Clemson and Texas A&M game actually turned out to be a good one. Just when I started to complain about A&M not belonging in this game, they started acting like they belonged in the game. Clemson eventually pulled out a close one but not before Jimbo Fisher reminded us that he’s one of the best in the business. When Nick Saban retires and Alabama spends the following ten years firing coaches who they thought would be the perfect replacement, expect Fisher’s Aggies to take advantage of the opportunity. The future is bright in College Station.

My favorite part of this game was when the referees made a terrible call and took a touchdown away from the Aggies. Jimbo Fisher went nuts. I really thought that he was going to kill the referee. But in spite of his anger, Fisher never once accused referees of being sexist and that’s commendable.

The rivalry game between Georgia and South Carolina was not a good one. Well, it was good for Georgia and my fellow Dawg fans but the casual observer switched to the Ohio State game against Bayside High shortly after the second half began. Carolina fans probably never changed the station. They’re a devoted lot. Late Sunday night I got word that Williams-Brice Stadium was still three quarters full of people who hung around after the game just to hear Sandstorm one more time.

On that note, can we please make it illegal to play techno songs from the early 2000s at college football games? You have a marching band for a reason. Was this Lou Holtz’s idea? And while we’re at it, let’s get rid of Rocky Top too. Those are, by far, the two most annoying songs in the history of sports. I probably shouldn’t give away a secret like this but if North Korea really wanted to do some damage on the world stage they would put away the nukes and just play Florida Georgia line to preform Sandstorm and Rocky Top on a continual loop until every human on the planet submits to the rule of Kim Jong-un.

Over in the NFL, everyone is talking about Sunday night’s game between the Packers and the Bears. The Bears looked really good in the first half. Everyone knows that they have a solid defense but their offense came out on fire. They actually threw the ball.

The forward pass was introduced in 1906. It was introduced to the Chicago Bears, well, sometime this summer. Mitch Trubisky was throwing the ball like a mad man. It looked like a whole new Bears team. Things were looking even better for Chicago when Aaron Rodgers went down late in the first half with a knee injury.

This game was in the bag for the Bears.

The entire Packers team is built around Aaron Rodgers. That’s why they just signed him to a 37 year, $56 trillion dollar contract. Rodgers is everything to this team. If you don’t believe me, take a look at Green Bay's depth chart.


  1. Aaron Rodgers
  1. Kid from Notre Dame
  1. Guy who used to play for Kentucky

Running Back

  1. Aaron Rodgers
  1. Guy you’ve never heard of
  1. Wait, he’s still in the league?!!

Outside Linebacker

  1. White dude with long hair
  1. Aaron Rodgers
  1. White dude with short hair

You get the idea. Every NFL expert has the Packers going to the Super Bowl. Aaron Rodgers, and only Aaron Rodgers, is the reason why.

That’s why everyone in Wisconsin had a heart attack Sunday night when Rodgers stayed on the ground after a sack and reached for his leg.

But then the second half happened. Rodgers came out like a hero and the Bears decided to go back to their old ways where they just relied on strong defense and punted every four plays. Except for this time their defense wasn’t strong. The Packers won the game 24-23. More importantly, they won even more of the American sports media’s heart. Expect to hear a steady diet of Green Bay stories from ESPN for the next several days.

Oh well, at least it’s not the Cowboys for a change.

Until next week, happy footballing.

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What you don't realize is that Nick Saban discovered Rip Van Winkle's special sauce, only instead of sleeping for 20 years, it allows him to coach national championship football for an extra 20 years without aging. So with 5 of the last 9, that is a national championship over 55% of each year, so at 20 years, Saban could collect another 11 National Championships in the next two decades.

That leaves 9 for everyone else. Georgia has a good shot to snag at least 2 of those. So good luck to all of you and Roll Tide!


As a season ticket holder, and team "owner", let me say that the Packers will NOT be going to the SB this year. They may not even make the playoffs. The reason is because of exactly what sandersjay said. Aaron Rogers IS the Green Bay Packers. Unfortunately Aaron Rogers is also brittle. And it's more likely than not that he will go down again this year. When that happens, the winning stops.


The refs in the Aggies game didn't make a terrible call, and the call didn't take a TD away from them. It took away a first down near the goal line. Maybe they would have scored a TD, maybe not. But the call was the right one. The ball went directly over the end zone pylon, as the camera in said pylon showed. That means it was a fumble through the end zone which means it was a touchback. You may not like the rule, but the call was correct. Maybe a little credit is due the Clemson defender who knocked the ball loose?
Anyway, the Tigers are 2-0 and the Aggies are a whole lot better than anybody knew.

Thomas Swander
Thomas Swander

That must have been the same Bayside High team I saw lose to Georgia two weeks ago.


Green Bay is not a great team, but Aaron Rodgers may be the #1 QB in the NFL.