The Real Losers from Last Night’s Supreme Court Pick

Not that the Disney-owned network wasn't already tagged as notoriously biased, but this premature tweet took the cake.

Liberals were unquestionable losers last night as President Trump nominated another constitutional originalist to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Conservatives who were hoping for Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett undoubtedly felt like they lost last night as well.

But the real losers? That distinction undoubtedly goes to ABC News. Not as though the Disney-owned network wasn’t already suffering under the weight of their own well-publicized left-wing bias, but the company cousins of social justice sports network ESPN kicked off their conservative SCOTUS witch hunt festivities a little too soon.

At 7:23 pm, nearly two hours before Trump would even name his nominee, ABC’s Nightline announced their evening program:

“Tonight on Nightline, Terry Moran reports on the controversial Supreme Court Justice pick and the possible implications for the country.”

“Controversial” is better than “extremist,” I suppose. But trying to imagine them using the same terminology when describing one of Obama’s picks – particularly two hours before he even named the nominee – is laughable. And given that networks like ABC no longer enjoy a stranglehold on the news, their embarrassing gaffe didn’t escape the notice of new media.

The Free Beacon’s David Rutz called them out:

“Unannounced Supreme Court pick already branded ‘controversial.’”

Political humorist Hale Razor scolded,

“The pick is ‘controversial’ before they’re even named and this is why people don’t trust you.”

The Media Research Center’s Scott Whitlock noted,

“You don’t know who the pick is and he/she is already ‘controversial?’”

Even Senator Orrin Hatch got in on the act:

“The President hasn’t even named a nominee yet so it’s very interesting to report them as ‘controversial.’”

Early last week ABC finally had to cut ties with disgraced journalist Brian Ross who stated, “After a great run of 24 years, we have decided to pack up and move on from ABC News.” And by “a great run of 24 years” he meant multiple scandals of making up fake news to tarnish conservatism.

It’s nice to know that even in his absence, ABC appears committed to carrying on his legacy.

No. 1-2

I think several NYU students outdid this tweet and labeled themselves as the biggest losers of all. I have to wonder how they feel about being outed as so embarrassingly bigoted and unaware.

"Despite the fact that Trump’s decision was still days away from being finalized, students unanimously condemned Trump’s move, harshly criticizing the president’s nonexistent nominee.

“He’s quite extreme in his views,” said one student of the fictitious Judge.

“I saw it all over the news, that he’s like racist,” another student added, referring to the announcement that hadn’t yet happened.

“I saw the new nominee is like racist, and he’s starting a new wave of something very negative, and I’m really scared about the future and what choices he will make,” another pupil added.

When asked if she’d seen the online coverage of the event, one faculty member described witnessing “outrage… as it should be."

It wasn't just the students exhibiting such a degree of ignorance coupled with blind hatred, it was a faculty member who had the worst comment of all, claiming she had "seen online coverage of 'the event' " and went on to say that she WITNESSED "outrage"-----"AS IT SHOULD BE".

It was "all over the news" that this yet to be named nominee was, "like, racist".

This is the level of discourse from the Left these days. It's like, really, like STUPID.


And the fake news not only continues but gets worse, and the bigoted fools still can't figure out why the country's tuning out their endless asininity.