The One Person Who Can Destroy Trump's 2020 Run

The most improbable thought for a Sunday morning of why Trump would have a shot at 2020.

The pop media has feasted on the image of First Lady Melania Trump sharing a smile with former President Barack Obama. People Magazine reached out to Clinton aide Phillippe Reines for this gem of a quote:

“Obama is a funny guy, but that’s a woman craving distance from a monster being reminded what dignity looks like.”

Vanity Fair toned it down on the politics, sticking to facts and media tweets. The photo captured here was particularly well shared:

Melania is a beautiful woman. Donald Trump, the man, would never be seen accompanying a less perfect specimen of the female form. She has grace, wit, and intelligence. As for her husband, money apparently makes up for at least a few of these where he is in shorter supply.

What ties Melania to the president? Reportedly, she doesn't live with him. These days, she rarely accompanies him to events (other than required of her position). Other than her love for her young son, what reason does she have to stay with a man whose marital indiscretions are legendary?

Possibly it's a pre-nuptial agreement? Maybe she's just comfortable where she is, and wants the best life for her son.

​But one thing is certain: were Melania to divorce Trump in office, it would likely prove ruinous for his 2020 chances. Whatever details would come out (it would be extraordinary in the history of the presidency) would damage him way more than her.

Were the president to lash out at his wife, it would certainly backfire.

So why hasn't the left tried harder to woo Melania? First, I don't think they can help themselves. She's tied to him and therefore low hanging fruit for attack. Second, I think they believe she's too heavily invested in his presidency.

But really, Melania has to be the most graceful and forgiving woman to live with a man like her husband since Jackie O, who put up with a philanderer for many years. No, I don't include Hillary Clinton, who used Bill and climbed on his political genius to further her own life, while letting him roam and spread his seed like a male lion on the savannah.

If Melania left Donald, that would be the end of his presidency. For all intents and purposes, he would become a lame duck.

As much as the left loves to point out Melania's cool behavior and distance from the president, she has so far stuck by him, and in many ways represented the best part of Trump's presidency. It says a lot when the First Lady is the shining feature of an administration.

Why does she stay with him? Melania has more grounds for divorce than it takes to end most celebrity and political marriages. How many wives have to endure their husbands being in the news for sleeping with a porn star while she was pregnant with their child? This happens every day to Melania.

I know cynical political types would never consider this reason why she stays, but here it is. Perhaps Melania loves him. With all his innumerable faults, maybe she stays because she sees something only a person who loves Trump can see.

We are left with two probable explanations. Either Melania is an angel, full of grace, forgiveness, and wisdom. Or she loves him. (She's not stupid, and she's not attention-seeking, so that rules out vanity.)

Either of these probabilities leads to the most improbable thought for a Sunday morning. Should Donald Trump remain viable for a 2020 second term run, it's because of grace and love. Nobody can ask for a better reason.

Then again, if it's not grace or love, what is she waiting for?

Trump's already a lame duck. And he's the biggest threat to his own reelection chances. People forget that he lost the popular vote to the (co-)worst major party presidential candidate in American history. He lucked into those 70,000 odd votes in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, and they're long gone by now. He'd have lost to any other Dem, and pretty much anybody the Democrats nominate in 2020 will be favored to unseat him, incumbency or no incumbency. Melania divorcing him would constitute running up the score, not costing him the game.

I think your right about Hillery she was Bills Michael Cohen, I also think JASmius is right that what could and should have been known about Donalds 50 year life of crime was hidden by the media to help him for their ratings sake and the belief that he would throw the election to Hilbillery. They underestimated the institutionalized corruption of the RNC establishment who love themselves a con man just like Mconnel and the Barbor's and hate any conservitive who would push for accountability and went all Trump. The media will not help him this time they have allready turned on him. It will also become more difficult to defend his lies as the crimes become more evident and bigger lies will have to be told to keep the con going. Ann


Oops hit the enter button again? Ann Coulter was the first of the exidus.

Oh look, someone's spewing the Left's go-to talking point to delegitimize Trump. How parroty. The "Hillary won the popular vote" canard is meaningless and dependent on her overwhelming strength in the darkest blue cesspools of the country. Allow me to educate...

Hillary won the national popular vote by 2.9M votes. However, the People's Republic of Califreakia contributed a net margin of 4.3M for Hillary and New York City alone a net margin of another 1.5M votes. That's a combined net of 5.8M votes meaning if you take out ONE state and ONE city, Trump wins in a landslide; actually by about as much as Hillary won by.

This is why the Left is pushing so hard for our Constitutionally enshrined Electoral College system to be discarded in favor of the popular vote determining the winner. Admit it, these schemes are intended to force states whose citizens may have voted for the Republican to have their choice mooted in favor of the Democrat with the votes of California and NYC pressing down their side of the scale. Hard.

FACT: Trump won the overwhelming majority of votes cast by AMERICANS. Hillary won the vast majority of votes in the two places populated by arrogant anti-American elites who hate everything and everyone in between the 212 and 818 area codes. When someone bleats, "Hillary won the popular vote," they are proclaiming that the deplorable Normals are mere serfs to their coastal masters and they need to stop interfering with the fascist-Marxist-Democrat program.

How about no?

(Note: I didn't vote for Trump. I just believe in truth over lies and spin.)


Someone seems to forget that Trump won IN SPITE of reports of his philandering, and though I didn't vote, I still don't believe everything I hear(hearsay isn't proof, imo), especially coming from the very people trying to destroy me.


Again, all!!! This is all OLD NEWS - NOTHING has been brought up that's not at least 12 years old! No Lewinskys in the Oval Office, no trysts in the Lincoln Bedroom, nothing from yesterday or last week. PERIOD.


It seems to me that writers on The Resurgent try their best to help the left discount Donald Trump and end his eventual re-election in 2020 in hopes that DC can return to the GOP that did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING before Trump. I did vote for Trump and I am dam proud I did. I joined The Resurgent to read conservative voices that supported things like Tax Cuts, Constitutional Judges, Less Government regulations, Support of Christians in this day of liberal attacks on us, Funding our Military, and other things that the GOP was NOT doing before Trump. I understand you despise the man, maybe because his victory in November of 2016 made you look so bad to all of you listeners and readers, but give America a chance before you help the left completely take over. Please.


I am just hoping we can have another outsider run for President who has better morals, thicker skin and can still relate to the average person in America. Not sure who that would be but I am sick of politicians.

"Reportedly, she doesn't live with him." Yeh, we know about reports. I think the author is trying too hard. I didn't vote for Trump, but if I get the chance, next time, I will.\


Here, Here!


Sorry---I got stuck back at the beginning on the idea that Obama represents dignity in office. Between shamelessly raiding the treasury to take a bunch of moochers on lavish trips around the world, putting his dog handler on the government payroll for more than $100,000 a year,, riding around in a bobblehead helmet and mom jeans, and popping his rear end up in the air like one of those old drinking ducks toys every time he met a tyrant he wanted to honor, he managed to put quite a lot of distance between dignity and the presidency. Speaking of dignity, there isn't any dignity in drooling over possible ways Trump might be brought down, or rooting around in someone else's marriage, either.

Or, he could have promised her a big payoff if she stays with him until his presidency is over.

If Trump ends up in divorce, it will be read that Trump hasn't changed. His first divorce was what is now often listed as a mid-life crises but still wrong. Trumps personal behavior is nothing to be proud of, but his business thinking can not be matched by most people. Trump lost the popular vote by the margin of the California vote, where the illegal vote raises questions, but can't be proven. We now know that the the: establishment, the swamp, the deep state and other monikers were in the tank for Hillary. If Trump was so dangerous with the nuclear button, why wasn't North Korea bombed? We are now getting an official end of the Korean conflict. Trump did not give into North Korea. What is wrong with other countries paying more for their own defense? Trump is tackling problems that have built up over many years, but were put in overdrive by Obama.


Steve; "No one knows what goes on behind closed doors" according to Charlie Rich, so why bore us with speculation.