The Media: Useful Idiots for Hamas

The terrorist group sends people to die for the cameras and then the media blame Israel.

As far as Hamas is concerned, the bloodier the better.

That goes for when the terrorist group targets civilians with random stabbings and suicide bombers, but doubly so when it sends Palestinians—the very people for whom it claims to be fighting—out to die so that the carnage can be reported by the international news media for all the world to see. That’s because Hamas knows that the media will portray the Palestinians as victims, and their deaths as the result of a disproportionate Israeli response.

You can almost set your watch by it. Hamas, usually in cahoots with the mad mullahs of Iran, will stage a “protest” of some perceived Israeli injustice, rounding up a flash mob from the nearly 40% of people in Gaza who don’t have a job and turning them loose to go blame the Jews for all their problems. Hiding among those people, of course, are Hamas provacateurs, who at some point start throwing Molotov cocktails and improvised explosives, turning the protest into a full-blown riot that inevitably provokes the Israelis to use deadly force in self-defense. People die, the cameras roll, and before you can say, “Bob’s your uncle” the usual talking heads in the media and at the U.N. are out condemning Israel for not being polite and just succumbing to Hamas terror.

You really have to wonder what the Palestinians would have to do to get bad press.

Left unsaid by the AP, of course, is that Hamas couldn’t be more pleased. Their dead countrymen help feed a narrative of unwarranted Israeli aggression that the media are only too happy to propagate—which is why we see the same scene playing out again and again. And it will keep happening, so long as the media act as a de facto propaganda arm for Hamas and accept uncritically their version of events.

Such as when they publish spew like this:

Tell me how that headline would have been any different if Yehya Sinwar, the leader of Hamas, had written it himself.

The truth is, Israel has the power to wipe out the Palestinians if it chose to do so—but it doesn’t, because the Israelis are a just people who have a painful understanding of genocide learned from the horrors of the Holocaust. Similarly, the Palestinians could have peace tomorrow if they chose to do so—but they won’t, because their corrupt leadership and intolerant culture will never accept Israel’s right to exist. The international media, meanwhile, could potentially de-escalate the situation—or, at the very least, not incentivize violence—with honest reporting that doesn’t conceal all the blood that Hamas has on its hands.

That they don’t makes their hands just as bloody.

The Media whether in the USA or worldwide are useful IDOITS to a destructive, myopic and delusional IDEOLOGY. They have become totally incapable of performing their profession with Objectivity and Honesty. Not only can they not report News, they would rather editorialize News. The result are Lies, Deceit and Misinformation. They are as COLLECTIVE have become VIRTUELESS. Then to add the icing to the distortion cake, they use a terror driven organization whose Mission is the elimination of ALL Jews everywhere and the destruction of Israel as their newsworthy Source.

Hamas sends rioters to die and Israel's current government obliges. Two wrongs don't make a right. Isreal is going to look like the bad guy here as long as 100 Palestianian protestors are dying for every single Israel death.

Yeah those Palestinians are real stupid and so easily manipulated. Can't they see Hamas is totally using them. I really despair that these people can't think for themselves. Just as well Americans can so clearly understand what is really happening in Gaza. Why isn't the rest of the world as clear sighted as your average Yank.

The successful people, intelligent people, semi-intelligent people, and lucky people have left Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and other muslim sewers many years ago and the ones left to live in and run the country are the corrupt, lazy, ignorant, and stupid people that are easily influenced by the likes of HAMAS, HEZBOLLAH, ISIS, ALQUEDA, BLM, NUL, CBC, and BLACK PANTHERS. The muslim terrorist organizations are absolutely not interested in having peace with non-muslim terrorists, peaceful muslims, infidels, or anybody that is not a radical muslim terrorist and want them all killed. We need the help of China and India to wipe the radical muslim terrorists and non-terrorists off the face of the earth forever like a rectal cancer in a lamb. God bless the USA.

Cris shmo: If the Israelies didn't kill one "Palistinian" you can bet that many of them would die at the hands of Hamas etc, organizations that would make it look like Israel is killing them.

@myewessay: Really; sorry but your fear and hatred are showing. Show some courage. You're just dehumanising Palestinians to justify your desire for violence against them. It belittles you demonstrates why a secular worldview is better than a biblical one where winners go to heaven and celebrate their neighbours death in hell. Sad