The Media Is Right To Praise North Korea

What's a little hard labor between friends?

"Two first class tickets to North Korea please." That's a phrase travel agents will be hearing a lot after the conclusion of these Olympic games. I've long been a big fan of Kim "Supercuts" Jong Un, it appears the media is catching on to what the hype is all about. Twitter was full of gems like these over the weekend:

I don't want to hear another word about North Korea having a couple hundred thousand political prisoners. Half those people are probably pro-life and deserve to be there anyway. It's time the world shows some respect for the diplomatic giant that is North Korea. They stormed into these Olympic games and fired a nuclear missile test of charm right in the world's face.

Kim Jong Un's sister (pictured above) brought her unique personality to the table and she's turning the diplomat game on it's head. Anyone can put on something pretty and smile their way through life. It takes a special woman to dress like Hillary Clinton at a wake while leaving everyone who meets you fairly certain you have a poisonous razor hidden in your shoe.

People chirp a lot about how many North Koreans are starving. Well, why do you think they're at the Olympics, idiots? Nothing helps a starving person like watching some curling during the hours you're allowed to be awake. Know what the North Koreans are hungry for? Some gold medals.

We haven't even mentioned their leadership on climate change. Americans luxuriate with things like heat, food, and lights. Not North Korea. They're busy lowering their carbon footprint. Actors like Matt Damon think they care about the earth? Ha! He's busy making movies that feel like you're getting your teeth pulled. North Korea will actually pull the teeth from your face. You tell me who's really committed.

So no more South Korea love. I'm tired of the Korea with Seoul. I'm ready to embrace the Korea with soul.

Love the new narrative: we nothing to fear from NK, it's just negative publicity from Trump to draw away from the Trump-Russian collusion investigation even thought we haven't found anything in over a year.

Painting a reality picture for a group of fantasy bots. Good job.

I assume this is all just sarcasm re: North Korea.

'You tell me who's really committed.'

According to the photo, apparently not China.

I think JesseKelly needs to be a bit more subtle with his sarcasm.

Funny and on target. (BTW, why do we keep hearing about her charm and her smile when no photo shows her smiling and she looks like she is eager to get home and order some more executions and rapes.) Now if we could just get these people, who are so talented when it comes to sarcasm, into a remedial English class to learn how to deal with that pesky apostrophe and keep it far far away from possessive pronouns ("it's" is not a possessive pronoun, it is a contraction of two words, "it" and "is" and has only one meaning----"it is") and to review some basic rules of number such as the one that points out that "media" is plural for "medium" and therefore it is a glaring clunker to say "media IS" we would have articles that are not only funny and pointed but are well written.