The Liberal's Guide to American Greatness

A year ago the #Resistance marched against Trump, now they're rooting for something else.

The 2018 Guide to Resistance is out. It says for liberals to win, America must lose. The idle rich, Hollywood elite, insular bicoastal press, and academic Mafia will read it. Everyone else see it for what it is. Can we relate this to real life versus fake news for a moment?

I heard Erick speak a very important truth yesterday afternoon on the radio. He said that President Trump gave Andrew McCabe a hard time on Twitter, but so what: Trump treats everyone that way. Donald Trump is an equal opportunity horse's ass in public. If you want to call him a Nazi, call him the Soup Nazi, not the other kind. It doesn't matter if you're Trump's best friend, if you say something against him, or do something that annoys him, he's going to give you a hard time.

This is important because the self-styled Resistance wants to invent crimes and hang them on Trump's neck. Certainly, Trump has done what he felt he had to do to become president. He does what the pugnacious, thin-skinned homunculus beneath his blond locks compels him to do. Much of the time, that means being a horrific, vulgar jerk in public.

A year ago, the Resistance marched, whipped up into a frenzy of smug self-assurance that they are going to have their revenge on Trump for daring to win. A year later, companies are giving bonuses because of tax reform--tax reform that Trump personally pushed. I honestly think that Trump cared more about that issue than repealing Obamacare. (Health care is too much of a headache to understand and Trump lacks the attention span to learn it.)

A year ago, liberals were planning the impeachment party, and lining up their women-heavy agenda for 2018 and 2020. Today, many sex offenders (both hetero- and homosexual) have been exposed and excised from the public square, women are more empowered in traditionally man-centered industries like the media than ever, and even a porn star's accusations of a Trump sex scandal can't pull down the president. He's been pre-scumbagged, and the inoculation was very effective.

A year ago, liberals believed that Trump's low approval rating would win them control of Congress, and then the presidency. That may well still be possible, and it may well still happen. But it's not as likely as they think, and Democrats know it. The same people who marched a year ago are getting bonuses today. Home Depot, a Georgia company committed to diversity, is giving bonuses, while co-founder Bernie Marcus tells liberals to get a brain.

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi now think $1000 is nothing, when they'd rather companies not give Americans the $1000 at all, because that money--in their cynical world--belongs to the government. Pelosi is ridiculously rich. Schumer is, by the standards of an hourly Home Depot worker, rich. Rich Democrats are rooting against America because that's all they have left.

They wanted Trump to fail; they wanted to take him down. And now, the economy is humming along. Companies are taking cash they've hoarded for years (the Obama years, when the government shook down companies like petty criminal bosses shake down shops on "their street") and investing it because they're reasonable certain the government won't seize their profits.

President Trump's first State of the Union address will speak of an America somewhat greater than when he took office. An America that finally flipped the bird to the multinational globalists who used Global Warming to bully us while they private-jetted to Davos (where they now sidle up to Trump). An America that told the UN to pound sand because the U.S. was going to support Israel, our friend and ally. An America that defeated ISIS.

An America that can flex its energy muscles and become the largest oil producer in the world. An America where we can be jerks to one another. Democrats are rooting for political violence, Antifa, James Hodgkinson, and gun-toting teenagers who shoot up schools, so they can use the crises to grandstand for gun control that they could have passed in 2011 but didn't (because they know guns aren't the problem).

Liberals are rooting for America to fail so they can blame Trump. They have no other crimes to hang on him, other than Trump being Trump, so they have to invent crimes, and lacking that, they have to root for disaster.

And now, the economy is humming along.

It has been "humming along" since Obama's second term, in fact. If Trump's job approval in 2017 kept hovering in the 36%..40% range, there is little reason to expect the economy to help him this year as most of the public's misgivings are related to other things.

As for the anticipated yuuge impact of the tax cuts on voter perception of Trump and GOP, there is solid past evidence that these kinds of things only have an impact on those who are already on board. A surprising number of people seem to have forgotten that the Democrat-led stimulus package passed during Obama's first years also contained very significant temporary tax cuts to help the middle class. Did the folks who loathed Obama at that point give Democrats any credit for that in 2010?? I don't think so.

President Trump's first State of the Union address will speak of an America somewhat greater than when he took office. An America that finally flipped the bird to the multinational globalists đź’•. Love this


I was a NeverTrumper and did not vote for him either in the primary or the Presidential election mainly because I thought he was a dishonest, vulgar jackass. My position however ,has been greatly softened for 2 principal reasons- 1 Trump has accomplished so much more for conservative causes than say the compassionate , caring completely inept George Bush while undoing some of Obama's regulatory damage. 2- The unceasing vicious personal attacks on Trump by people like yourself have made him far more sympathetic to me. I agreed with your article until your line about his "short attention span". I don't believe that you can know that for a fact and that it merely qualifies as diatribe worthy of CNN. Having lived through LBJ, a truly vulgar and profane President, not to mention murderous((I exclude any JFK conspiracies) I'm reasonably sure we will survive Trump's tweetings and his displays of personality and be much better off than we would have than a Hillary or Jeb regime. If all you relentless NeverTrumpers now had only held Obama and Clinton to such a strict and exacting standard, particularly during the last election cycle.


You forgot to mention how Obama once referred to ISIS as a JV team.

Obamacare killed any tax advantage I received and made it impossible to find a job that was full-time.


To the so called women in the picture: How many women have you sentenced to death in the womb? Fools....

Obama was and still is a traitor.....


@mlindroos you’d do well to heed Bernie Marcus’ advice. . .

In 1960, through no fault of our own, we were in the position where we had children to feed, almost no food left in the cupboard, and no money coming in for another week. Then we received a check in the amount equivalent to $123 in todays money and felt like it was the biblical Manna from Heaven. So when Nancy Pelosi et al say that $1,000 is essentially meaningless, I am here to tell you that there are thousands and thousands of people out there who will feel they are rich when they get the amount of money that the elite snub. It shows just how out of touch with the reality that is the lives of millions of Americans our "elite" have become.


No, it hasn't. The economy dragged is sorry carcass along during Obama. We had growth, but very slow growth. Growth that was turning us into Europe. There was a real feeling among businesses and individuals, and justifiably so, that the government was out to get them. The government was an opponent to try and shake them down, unless they were a member of the leftist blessed industries like green energy and baby killing. The Democrats and Obama didn't get any credit for tax cuts because they turned around and screwed most Americans with Obamacare, raising taxes, stagnating wages, lowering full time employment and limited economic growth. People don't deal in the exact numbers of 1.2% growth or 4% growth, and don't care about that. They do feel the difference. If Trump could get out of his own way, and the GOP Congress would get off their rear, they could increase the House and Senate majorities in 2018. However, they aren't going to do that, so it will be a struggle, but it's not going to be like it would be for a typical President with an approval rating of 40%. Trump is not a typical politician.


Too many problems and too little space to do it in.


This is a really well done article, Steve. It really summarizes what is going on this country. Your observations about Trump are spot on. He is obvious, significant flaws to anyone that is willing to put down the Trumpaid long enough to see it. However, in spite of that, the country is heading in the right direction and his Administration has largely done a good job. We can acknowledge his shortcomings and his accomplishments at the same time. It doesn't have to be an either/or, where is the next George Washington or the next Hitler with nothing allowed in the middle. The left simply has no argument against Trump's policies because they are working. They simply cannot accept the fact that a man who acts the way he does, and has such a low approval rating, is still whipping their tail. I don't know how the mid-terms will turn out, but they won't be as bad as his approval rating and their opinions think they will be. They actually have the ability to be good for the GOP, depending on the carryover from the economic policies to the average American and the enthusiasm gap. We are in unchartered political territory with Trump. I thought Trump's candidacy was a joke, as did many others. I thought he could never win with his background and behavior the way it is. I was wrong. Trump doesn't follow the standard political script. The economy and direction of the country say the GOP will dominate 2018. The GOP approval rating and Trump's approval rating, say they will get slaughtered. Those two historically important metrics are butting up against each other. They cannot both be right, therefore we are in unchartered political territory and no really knows yet how 2018 will turn out.

etbass:Too many problems and too little space to do it in. You got that right remember TPP the Tufts professors said it would eliminate about 450,000 US jobs. Even liberals like Paul Krugman, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Robert Reich where against it. Hillary would have approved it. It died the night Trump was elected.

You also wrote: "The Democrats and Obama didn't get any credit for tax cuts because they turned around and screwed most Americans with ..."

Yes. There were many other factors than tax cuts alone in 2010 as well.
Which means only a naive person would believe nothing else will matter than taxes to voters in 2018!

For example, Trump will be held liable for any health care cost increases for the simple reason that he is in charge and has implemented a number of reforms which likely will increase out-of-pocket costs to consumers.

After so long the economy will naturally change regardless of politics. Growth under Obama was the growth of government. Growth before the tax over haul was the killing of stifling regulations Obama put into operation through executive order. This is Trump's economy. Sexual scandals and vulgarity have little to do with brains, gender, or political party. Las Vegas is known as sin city because almost every vice takes place there. But is it any worse then the murder rate of Chicago, or the filth that comes out in many of the Hollywood movies? In the last 50-60 years we have: lost most of the greatest generation, removed God, prayer, and Bible reading from the schools, a period of free sex and love, and many other items that have a baring on culture.. The word that go beyond rape and murder that show disgust are abuse and pornography. Pornography can be the act of just viewing, or the criminal act of producing it, or the crime caused by it. The disgust can come from audio, sight, and or physical contact. Without a video or tape charges are often hard to prove.

The good news is mlindroos is in here getting exposed to other ideas. So let's don't pitch out folks just because we don't like what they say, respond with a cogent, coherent counterargument like civilized folks used to do. We need not be a Mother Jones or Daily Kos aficionados responding with "because, SHUT UP!". Exposure to truth is a good first step toward first, recognizing there is another legitimate thought out there and second, realizing maybe the echo chamber doesn't have a lock truth.