The Left Somehow Makes the Royal Wedding About Trump

It's official: the Don completely owns the Left and there appears to be nothing they can do about it

Imagine hating someone so much that no matter what you do, every thought you think, every conversation you have, every experience you try to enjoy, every circumstance you find yourself in, somehow brings you back to them. Sounds unbearable doesn't it?

Well, that's the hell that Leftist's are living through right now. And the condition appears to be worsening.

In case you've been in a coma or under a rock, Prince Harry married Meghan Markle at Windsor Castle this morning. Apparently it was a pretty big deal, at least to the 3 billion or so people who are estimated to have watched it live. I'm personally not into watching the marriage of a rich, middle-aged couple who I don't know, and who have no impact whatsoever on my life, but hey, whatever floats your boat. I'm obviously in the minority here. I'm just glad that the world can come together to be interested in something that's not sad, scary or terrible, even if only for a few minutes.

Somehow though, the historic pageantry of the Royal British Wedding reminded the folks over at BBC Three of Donald Trump. Take a look at this tweet.

It really is kind of sad that the BBC of all people can't enjoy about the most British thing possible without trolling Donald Trump. Apparently though, he really is just that much in their heads. Everything reminds them of him, and they can't stop thinking about him.

I'll be honest, during the GOP primary season of 2015-2016, I believed that the obsessive media circus over Trump was deliberate, and that the press was intentionally giving his campaign free press because they wanted him win the GOP nomination. It's now become apparent though, that either I was wrong and the man literally does (and always has) just own them that much, or that Leftists in the media have drunk too much of their own brew and are now hopelessly hooked on Trump. He is in their minds 24-7 and there appears to be nothing they can do about it.

The irony of it all is frankly pathetic, and I'm a little tempted to feel sorry for them. But, then again, it's also hilarious, so I guess I'm not.

Maybe they were trolling Trump, hoping they'd get a rise out of him. You know he'd take the bait and go on a Twitter rampage, given half a chance.

It is a joke and it is amusing.

What is even more amusing is the witless buffoon who penned this has Mark Twain as his avatar.


Ha! Maybe Trump was there disguised as Oprah, Serena, or the Duchess of Cornwall. Couldn't have been Clooney--the hair was too believable.

JaneK..... The Brits are so consumed withTrump because they’re stupidly consumed w the royal family.

Clodagh...woosh! That went right over your head, didn't it? Bless your heart. The Brits have every reason to hate Trump considering he's threatened NATO which is an unbelievable breach of the trust we've built globally. He has inflamed terrorism, which has had consequences across Europe. Not so long ago we'd see these attacks in Europe as attacks against US, instead Trump runs his mouth and not only makes the situation worse but alienates our traditional allies. He has given away priviliged intelligence gathered by our allies to our enemies, purely for his ego. He operates entirely in bad faith and voids the Iran Deal, then threatens european nations for daring to uphold a deal they signed in conjunction with the united states in full faith that we would always uphold our end. Tell me why Europe, The Brits, or frankly...anyone...should respect this President and not call out this farce?