The Left's Culture of Grievance Puts the Cart Before the Horse

One leftist grievance group let's their manufactured rage at Trump's SCOTUS nominee slip.

Painful. Partisan.


I remember when President Trump made his announcement of Neil Gorsuch as nominee to the Supreme Court. The usual, career protesters were out in force, long before the name was announced, complete with blank protest signs. Once Gorsuch was announced as the nominee, those dry erase markers came out and Neil Gorsuch’s name was hastily scribbled in.

I respect everyone’s right to protest, whether I agree with the purpose of the protest, or not.

When you’re protesting without even knowing what you’re protesting, however, that’s blatantly ignorant and turns what is an American tradition into parody.

We don’t protest for the sake of being contrary, people. Let your protests have some merit!

And some of us were well aware that no matter who President Trump announced, somebody was going to be unhappy.

Maybe even a lot of somebodys.

I know there are pro-life advocates this morning who say Trump blinked. He basically replaced a moderate Justice Kennedy with Kennedy-lite, in Brett Kavanaugh.

Others say Kavanaugh is a solid choice with a strong judiciary record.

Let’s get him through the confirmation process and see how it goes.

In the meantime, however, we can say for certain that the perpetually aggrieved, those dedicated to protesting anything stained by the touch of Trump – including Supreme Court picks – would be protesting this morning, even if Trump had picked a far-left activist justice.

He could have named George Soros to the Supreme Court and the crowd railing and wailing outside of the Supreme Court last night would have been equally as unhinged, screaming that Soros’ and Trump’s long history together made Soros unqualified.

Ok. I’m exaggerating.


Last night’s gathering of protesters were only slightly less unhinged than Gorsuch’s protesters, in that after Kavanaugh was named, someone had professional-looking signs ready to go. No more fill-in-the-blank protest signs.

Of course, before the announcement, there was an assortment of weird signage, from “Defend Planned Parenthood” to “Circumcision Harms” to an inflated cutout head of Cher.

Yeah. No idea what that was about.

Then there are the other arms to this outrage over Trump doing what is within his rights as president to do (nominating a new member to SCOTUS).

Those outraged press releases!

The hairy-pitted harridans of the Women’s March released a statement on Monday night on what they called “Trump’s Extremist SCOTUS Nominee.”

For starters, as it appears, Kavanaugh is no extremist.

The interesting/curious/maddening part is that they left out an important detail in their release: The name.

That’s right. They were sitting on go, ready to call anyone Trump chose an “extremist” and cared not who it was or what record he/she brought to the table.

I suspect they felt certain that Trump would choose Amy Coney Barrett, the preferred nominee for pro-life advocates, and most feared among left-wing, pro-infanticide zealots.

What I’ve been hearing is that Kavanaugh was always the choice. The notion of having three others to consider in the final running was just part of a show. Justice Kennedy only felt comfortable with retiring once he knew his former law clerk, Kavanaugh, would get the nod.

I don’t think Kavanaugh will have a problem getting confirmed, in spite of the outrage machine. The hope is that he’ll rule more reliably right, but we can’t be sure. It would appear that the Supreme Court with a Justice Kavanaugh is going to look the same as it does today with Kennedy.

Meanwhile, let the protesters protest. It’s better than clearing off the streets and getting real jobs, isn’t it?

No. 1-1

Probably, Kennedy asked, that his former clerk, be chosen, had it writing, and was contempt, that the court, wouldn't change much! An Agreement like that, let's the justice retire, while still cementing, Kennedy's legacy!