The Kind of Collusion We Want

One unwitting collusion is now laughed off, while the other is celebrated.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's remarks on the indictment of 13 Russian individuals and three organizations for intending to foment discord in the American electoral process mentioned that American involvement with the Russians was "unwitting." As it's been pointed out on Twitter, the term "unwitting collusion" is an oxymoron. Or as Dan Bongino described it to Sean Hannity on Friday, "How the hell do you unwittingly collude, you idiot!"

Trump supporters latch on to this bit of information as proof positive that there was no scintilla of cooperation between Russians and Trump, only Russians duping Americans who didn't know better. (Of course, that doesn't mean the story is over by any means.)

What's interesting here is that many of the same supporters who laugh at "unwitting collusion" with the Russians, celebrate Trump's unwitting collusion with God. They do this because one outcome would be something they don't want, and the other is an outcome they do want.

Evangelicals who cover for Trump, as Erick exposed in his review of "The Faith of Donald J. Trump" base much of their case on circumstantial evidence. The fact that Trump was brought up in church (more or less), is is important to them. But the fact that Trump considered Norman Vincent Peale, a positive-thinking guru and generally-regarded heretic, as a large influence, is minimized.

The fact that Trump pals with certain evangelicals, is elevated, in that good behavior might rub off on him. (Despite the fact that the Bible states "Do not be deceived: 'Evil company corrupts good habits'" in 1 Corinthians 15:33.) But the fact that most of Trump's closest and earliest evangelical supporters hail from the prosperity gospel crowd--direct spirutual descendants in many cases from Peale--is discarded.

The entire case of Trump collusion with Russians was based on association, and that association has always been assumed to be incidental ("unwitting") of the Russians' goals, and focused on Trump's unwavering desire to win. The entire case of Donald Trump's faith is also based on association (collusion, as it were), which is also incidental and arguably unwitting of God's plans and goals.

One unwitting collusion is now laughed off, while the other is celebrated.

Our president has not demonstrated anything but an unwitting form of Christianity. And the Bible is pretty clear that nobody stumbles into Heaven unwittingly. We may get in with the smell of smoke on our robes, but we won't get in by accident or association.

When you pray for our president, keep this in mind.

The kind of collusion we want, in the end, serves no purpose other than the fleshly desire of Trump (and his defenders) to win. It has nothing to with the Kingdom all Christians should serve.

Christian political evangelicals are happy with the deal they made with this particular devil. They just don't want to be called on the fact that they made a deal with a devil, so they bend over backward to avoid that. Which no doubt makes THE Devil smile.


So true. The most effective lie satan tells is that he doesn't exist at all.


Praying for someone does not mean that you want them to persist in error. I pray for President Trump because he is the president and he has the executive power defined by our Constitution. Of course I pray for him. Where he does the right thing, I pray God defends and protects him. When he is tempted to do wrong, I pray he will see and do the right thing. I ask God to intervene to reduce the impact of any and all wrongs the president might do. To pray for him does not mean that I pray God will endorse what Donald Trump wants. It means that I pray Donald Trump will do what God wants. I used to pray the same prayer for Barack Obama. I don't always get the desired result from any of those prayers. Neither man consistently does what I think God wants. But then, the universe is not about what I think.


Absolutely the correct response, Katherine. And well-said.


I wanted Ted Cruz to be our President; but I voted for Trump because I had no choice. I was puzzled and dismayed that Pence agreed to run with him. I still wonder how Sarah Huckabee can have enough confidence in his character and his word to agree to represent him to the press. But he is the duly elected President of the United States. Conservatives were alarmed at the election of Barack Obama, and very rightly so; but, once he was elected, we acted like supporters of the constitution and prayed for the best. We did not riot, destroy, rebel, call for impeachment. Now we have what seems to be an unregenerate President. Nevertheless, he is doing, or trying to do, many things with which Christians agree. Can't we just support him in the things he's doing right? After all, God used a number of heathen kings in the past to accomplish His will. We don't have to be an apologist for Trump's behavior in order to be glad that we don't have in the White House a woman who has no regard for national security pr any other kind of integrity.


I can't disagree with most of what you wrote, and you and Peter Heck remain my favorite writers, but this horse has been beaten so regularly and thoroughly in this forum that what's left of the nag must surely be headed to the glue factory.

@ EdaS Sure, God used heathen kings, but they were still heathen kings. His followers didn't decide they were Christian kings even if they were (unwittingly) doing God's work. The One True God to Donald Trump is Donald Trump. Donald Trump will only ever pursue what he sees as Donald Trump's best interests. If Donald Trump decided later today that his best interests would be to push gun control, amnesty for illegals and abortion on demand, he would absolutely do it without the slightest consideration for his current allies. To paraphrase and re-use something somebody told me about another person, "To Donald Trump a friend is someone put on this earth to do good things for Donald Trump."

In the 2016 election I favored others before Trump because I feared guilt by association. Hollywood, the media and wealth does not equate with high moral values for many. Association can amount from the value of a finger nail to full body. One can focus on nothing but Trump or look at the alternatives. The alternatives include Hillary, the establishment, RINOs, and obstruction Democrats. People are saved by grace, so stumbled might be appropriate. Repentance is between Trump and God. Leaving Trump out of the picture, I am against false witness, and false persecution/ prosecution. Obama was on the inside, so was he duped? Was the FBI duped into following the dossier, that they ignored the threats that ended in mass shootings? As to the agenda Trump has a long list of approval in comparison.

I can't take the alternative. Dems want more gun control. We need on campus security.Planned Parenthood doesn't need to be funded by tax money. You can't separate transgender from the pervert by sight. People should have some right to refuse service on religious grounds. We don't need more judges to grow the government. One size doesn't fit all when it comes to the dreamers and DACA. Duplication and waste need to be cut first, and then try to balance the budget. No one, even Hillary and Bill or Barack and Michelle., are above the law.


You have to play the cards your're dealt. You can whine and moan that you wish you had a different hand, you can complain that your cards are not what you would have chosen, but the fact is, Trump is the president and he is what we have to deal with. He seems to be doing a pretty good job. I don't feel qualified to rule on what kind of Christian he is, or if he qualifies as the "right" sort of religious man, and I think is a job best left to God. I just look at what he is doing, now, in this time and place, and I agree with Katherine in her position of praying for him.

Would, you rather have Trump who has sinful past, but has supported Christian values or Obama who professed to be a Christian, but promotes homosexual marriage, boys in girls showers, abortions etc.? I support Trump the man for the good he is doing for our country, but not the sinner for which he has been. I don't know if he is a changed man. That is between him, his wife and his God. Romans 13 says that here are no authority except that which God has established. I was very much anti-Trump, but he is now our president and overall I believe has done a good job (much better than I expected. He is coarse and presidential, but maybe we needed someone like him that is willing to fight and not worried about the consequences. I had a page on why we shouldn't elect Trump, but have taken it down since he was elected and it would no longer serve any purpose.

Get off your sanctimonious high horses, evangelical purists, and smell the coffee of the Real World. The perfect is always the enemy of the good. I personally don't care if Trump follows the tenets of any religion or no religion. That's not his job. He's Commander-in-Chief, not Pastor-in-Chief. If you're looking for moral leadership, go to church. If you're looking to start to turn around the horrendously misguided socialist/Marxist direction of the past several years, Trump is your guy. Pray for him, whatever, if it makes you feel better. And thank whatever deity you like that we avoided the nuke that was Hillary...