The Department of Veterans Affairs Nominee isn't looking good

Once again, the VA is the center of a problem. This time, the nominee can't get off the shoals.

It seems like no amount of good news can last long at the VA, like the agency is the massive black hole in Interstellar, never letting good past the event horizon. That is the level of despair I felt when I saw the news today that Trump’s new VA Secretary nominee Ronny Jackson has run into the buzz saw that is Capitol Hill. Now, emerging information has started to point to a man who maybe wasn’t what everybody thought he was.

While the “negative information” about Rear Admiral Jackson has yet to be revealed, it appears that professional conduct may be the shoals that he is stranded on. This is in addition to those critics who have doubted RADM Jackson’s ability to manage an agency the size and scope of the VA.

It is tough to remove myself from this problem. Being a veteran and knowing that there are millions of veterans who depend on the VA makes seeing the problem difficult. I want the best for my fellow veterans and here we are, stuck while the agency languishes.

I wrote last month that the new VA nominee must be willing to make the harsh choices to make the agency what it should be. That still holds true. If that person isn’t RADM Jackson, then Trump better find someone who can make those decisions and get past Congress to get the job done.

It's sad when anyone being nominated by this administration has to be put under an electron microscope, when it is unnecessary. All Obama's nominations got an extraordinary pass when some of them should have been rejected. what I heard about Jackson is very petty. Evidently all that has been uncovered is some kind of power play between two people in the White House medical office, and that Jackson won that battle. Gee, if that is enough to squander someone who was praised by both Trump and Obama in the report cards both gave, Congress should be slapped around a bit, especially Shumer and his minions in the senate. If there was something else, I haven't heard about it.

Yes why do we accept the words of a former staffer that is disgruntled and assume the worst

The game of obstruction and obfuscation continues. Members of Congress, who fret about his ability to manage the VA, haven't managed anything since their childhood lemonade stands where they turned lemonade into lemons.

"Now, emerging information has started to point to a man who maybe wasn’t what everybody thought he was." Or maybe this "emerging information" has started to point out that not everyone he ever worked with agreed with everything he said or did.. Oh, my! How awful! How disqualifying! It reminds me of the objection to Bolton as UN Ambassador because one day when he passed a female subordinate in the hallway he didn't greet her with the degree of warmth and enthusiasm she thought she deserved, no matter how busy he was. We can't get rid of small-minded bullies trying to use petty old grievances to get even with people they don't like, but we ought to be able to rise above them.