"The Babylon Bee" founder creates "Drudge Report, but for Christians"

If you're worried about Facebook filtering out news, this may be a new option.

Founder of The Babylon Bee and Adam4d.com, Adam Ford, has begun a new venture with the goal of getting around Facebook’s and Google’s algorithms to bring you news—actual news, that is.

The Babylon Bee is a wildly successful Christian satire site which delivers consistently clever parodies of just about everyone. The hallmark of good satire is when it’s nuanced just enough to fool some people. In this case, The Bee frequently hits the mark.

Ford has been troubled by the changes to Facebook’s algorithm as well as Google.

“One thing I’ve grown increasingly concerned about in the past year or two is the enormous power we have given tech giants like Facebook and Google.” Ford said in his announcement. “They have a choke-hold on the flow of information on the internet. For this and other reasons, CDR is not on any social media channel and never will be.”

So, he decided to do something about it. His idea, as he describes it, is “like the Drudge Report, but for Christians.”

“Like Drudge, it’s a simple, static web page with nothing but links. No fluff, no trends, no bells or whistles.”

Not wanting to be beholden on social media—which is where most Americans get their news today—he is not having his new website, the Christian Daily Reporter, participate in social media. He noted, “you’ll have to visit the site directly anytime you want to read it. Just like the old days!”

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Definitely no frills.