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The Alpha and the Beta

Anyone care to guess which is which?

Call it a tale of two Twitters. One of them is of the rough and tumble variety, filled with stories of raw determination that you can sink your teeth into, leaving the bold taste of meaty juices in your mouth. The other is more like one of those young adult novels as told through Snapchat threads, complete with mean girl putdowns and crushing on that vacuously handsome guy who works for social justice when he’s not fronting his indie-alternative garage band.

The first is brought to you courtesy of one Gordon Ramsay, celebrity chef and star of Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen, in which viewers tune in to watch Ramsay berate the cooking and stomp on the dreams of various contestants who think they have what it takes to make it in the world of haute cuisine. It should therefore come as no surprise that Ramsay would be quick with a snarky rejoinder when someone presents him with a dish he finds less than compelling. Case in point:

To which Ramsay snarked:

Gordo for the goal! Now before you start feeling all sorry for the poor sap who didn’t even know what hit him, Ramsay’s disdain for vegans is quite well known, so you could say this particular purveyor of #FakeLasagna had it coming. That didn’t stop the real PETA, however, from running to the person’s defense with a Tweet salvo of their own:

The future vegan they’re betting he becomes? Maybe somebody should alert Twitter Standards & Practices, because that sounds like theatening language to me. If they’re expecting an apology out of Ramsay, though, I wouldn’t advise them to hold their breath. It’s pretty safe to say Hell’s Kitchen will freeze over before he gives them the satisfaction.

Our second story, meanwhile, could not be a starker contrast. It comes, from all places, Canada—a country in which hockey breeds a tougher man than most, but political correctness had rendered just about everyone else into a quivering blob of fat free poutine. Need proof? Look no further than Prime Minister Trudeau, also known as Canada’s other Justin, as he takes a question from a young woman at a recent town hall:

“Peoplekind?” Seriously? Not even humankind? Wow. Not only is political correctness an assault on critical thought, it’s a butcher of the English language. And who does Trudeau think he is, trying to mansplain to a woman like that? Perhaps he could wear a p*ssy hat at his next appearance as an act of penance.

Or maybe Gordon Ramsay could bring him on as a sous chef. A few weeks of getting flogged with a ladle might do him a world of good.

I sure hope Canada regrets "Justin" enough to turn him out, at the next available opportunity. Gordon Ramsey is awesome.

Gordon Ramsey runs a kitchen. That means he doesn't have time for BS. Justin is a politician. It's apples and oranges. There's a reason it's only professional college kids milking their parents' money who use all of these ridiculous words that don't exist outside of their classrooms.

"Can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen." Someone get the Prime Minister a soy milk latte.

Trudeau is the worst thing to hit north america since barack obama.

This is the same "Man" who told a Canadian vet to his face in Edmonton a few days before that the government couldn't afford proper money for care for veterans. This is after paying millions to a terrorist, embracing the return of Isil fighters and paying for Trudeau's vacation. This is a vet who lost one leg and most of the other. Does that give you insight as to the "Man" who leads Canada? Give me Gordon Ramsay any day.

I busted out laughing at GR during the "Alexa" commercial during the Super Bowl. Perfect!!!