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The ACLU Doesn't Really Like Americans or Civil Liberties

They oppose civil liberties, and they oppose the interests of Americans. Which makes their name is kinda silly.

As part of their ongoing strategy to win back middle America by alienating and angering middle America, the Democrat Party’s legal affairs organization known as the American Civil Liberties Union has weighed in on Donald Trump’s widely praised State of the Union Address:

Tonight, President Trump said the word ‘America’ more than 80 times in his speech. Yet, after a divisive first year, we hear and feel how exclusionary that ‘America’ is, with policies that have harmed so many vulnerable American communities. The ACLU stands ready to protect these communities, both in the courts and at the polls.

Now, some conservative commentators and outlets are mocking the ACLU for being angry about the word America being used so frequently. But that’s not really what they are criticizing. They’re actually upset that when Trump says “America” he is referring to “Americans.”

Seriously. The ACLU goes to specify their unwavering support for legalizing illegal aliens. Coupled with their previous statement from just months ago where they blasted any suggested compromise that would include e-Verify for businesses, or increased border security, and a clear picture of the ACLU’s interest comes into focus.

It is abundantly clear that the legal arm of the Democrat Party in America is livid that President Trump would prioritize the safety (border security) and economic security (e-Verify) of the American people when considering the desires of illegal immigrants.

Put another way, the legal arm of the Democrat Party prefers to prioritize the interests of illegal immigrants over the safety (border security) and economic security (e-Verify) of the American people.

Given that we already know the American Civil Liberties Union opposes basic civil liberties (like speech, conscience, religion), and we now know that they have a real problem with the interests of Americans over non-Americans, it seems that just “Union” would be a more accurate name.

Liberals are angry that conservatives are misinterpreting the ACLU’s complaint about Trump’s use of the word “America.” I tend to think that someone should tell those liberals that properly explaining the ACLU’s grievance doesn’t make it any better.

Can't we just go back to the Obama era and use the word I instead?

I've loved the surveys that the Americans for Civil Liberties for Liberals-Only Union over the past two years....they ask how concerned you are about the name the SJW issue, BUT the questions and answers are written in such a way that they can ge skewed to support the ACLLU position, even if you opposed their views! They are such a joke!

superstew - it's called "push polling" and was refined into an art form by the Dems decades ago.

I have long called the ACLU the American Communist Lawyers Union.

This is not real news. For years the bias against most AMERICAN citizens has been obvious, WE THE PEOPLE must take back seats to all types of special interests. I always cringe when watching 'The Manchurian Candidate' when the senator vows to donate to that organization probably unaware of its real purpose. They got their way by threatening action, a costly court proceeding draining the resources of the target or finding sympathetic (stooge) judges to ram their agenda into law and bypassing the legislative process.

Nothing more than a communist organization operating right here in the US! Time to learn the truth and dismantle this organization.

The ACLU is a contradiction in terms because each suit it files is an attempt to deny an American of his or her civil liberties. Therefore, to validate its charter, each suit filed should be accompanied by a companion suit … against itself.

The ACLU has transformed itself into the Anti-Christian Legal Union. Now, they are adding to that to become the AAACLU--the Anti-American Anti-Christian Legal Union.