Thank you, Judge Aquilina. You're our hero.

This judge gave a tremendous gift to these victims. And did a favor for us all.

Judge Rosemarie Aquilina became a hero to victims of sexual abuse everywhere yesterday when she sentenced Larry Nassar…

But for those who don't understand why her actions were so phenomenal, you need to know something about predators like Larry Nassar and their effect on victims. Sexual abuse is a heinous crime. Sexual abuse of children may be the worst crime ever perpetrated. Victims are left scarred, shamed and often feeling totally alone. There's a reason for "rape shield" laws that protect the identity of victims. Without them, most would never come forward. Which is perfectly understandable. It's traumatic enough to stand in a courtroom and testify in intimate detail about the worst experience of your life without worrying that your name and face will be splashed all over the media. Just look at what happened to the victims who came forward against Bill Cosby, Roy Moore and others. And yet, by allowing the victims to remain anonymous, perhaps we also imply that there IS some reason for them to feel shame.