Termination Of Alfie Evan's Life Support Delayed

MEP Steven Woolfe intervenes after a Twitter plea from Pope Francis.

Switching off Alfie Evan's life support has been delayed after Pope Francis intervened in a public Twitter post his hopes that "everything necessary would be done".

Yes Pope Francis, the Vatican associated hospital understands palliative care. Yes Pope Francis, what Alder Hey proposed was barbaric. And yes, that hospital did not even do the most basic things for that child's comfort. Within 24 hours, MEP Steven Woolfe met with the staff at Alder Hey and Alfie's parent's. Following that meeting he tweeted this.

Alfie's parent have stated publicly their son has shown small improvements with his medication reductions over the past several days. According to Life News:

The delay means there will now be a series of meetings to discuss the best options for Alfie - including the possibility of treatment abroad which his parents have fought for all along.

One has to wonder why it took a tweet from the Pontiff to give an MEP pause. One has to wonder why no one intervened similarly with the global outcry over Charlie Gard or the much less publicized death of Isaiah Haastrup. Both of these children were essentially sentenced to suffocation by their "healthcare providers" and the courts.

This is a victory for compassion and life. Let's hope the delay is permanent and Alfie gets the compassionate care he needs as his parents wish. Let's also pray that this forces those in the U.K. who can affect change take a long hard look at this barbaric practice and force NHS and the courts to uphold the World Health Organization definition of palliative care.

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I was raised to believe that life is precious. I will always believe that. The only thing that governments believe in is revenue, and are no substitute for caring for any human being, or, for that matter, any biological life form. Other than the Bible, biology teaches that cells form to continue to propagate species of life, in every form. Why doesn't that, alone tell we humans that conveniences, like abortions, euthanasia and other forms of killing, is just not right, or normal? There is a valid reason that the Hippocratic Oath says "first, do no harm". It is because life is precious. Any physician administering any drug that could kill another human being is going against, not just the Bible, but basic biological understanding. The rest is just sick political revision from evil people, who have no moral compass.


The second your "healthcare" interferes with the government employee's pension or other benefits. Look for Special Ed to begin cutbacks in the not distant future.


When government is in chayof healthcare you no longer have a “right” to healthcare, you have an obligation to die....