Ted Cruz Swats Dems for SOTU Sourness

Good news for America is bad news for Democrats.

I’m not the biggest fan of the State of the Union speech. Truth be told, the whole thing could probably be done over a plate of hot wings and a few pitchers of beer at the 7th Street Hooters right outside of Chinatown—but this being DC, it has to be all fluffed up with pomp and circumstance. Even so, the SOTU is not entirely without entertainment value, especially when network news cameras cut away to the dyspeptic expressions of the opposition party as they react to whatever the president is saying.

And last night, the Democrats were in rare form.

Part of me can’t really blame them. This was, after all, Donald Trump’s very first State of the Union speech—and in spite of all of their rhetoric about how tax cuts and the repeal of net neutrality would make The Walking Dead look like a reality show, the actual state of our union was pretty decent. Jobs are looking up, while the unemployment rate for African Americans and Latinos was way down. Real wages are starting to grow and people have more confidence in the economy. That includes, by the way, big name businesses that are repatriating hundreds of billions of dollars in cash and looking to hire tens of thousands of American workers. If you’re a liberal Democrat who spent the better part of 2017 #resisting, those good times might not feel so good.

But coudn’t they at least fake being happy for the rest of America? Alas, apparently not, if the look on Nancy Pelosi’s face was any indication. Amid all the wild applause over the resurgent American Moment, she appeared as if somebody put too much pepper in her foie gras:

Yes, it was that noticeable—and she wasn’t the only one. In fact, it was so bad that Ted Cruz couldn’t help but notice the conspicuous lack of enthusiasm the Democrats had for the growing economy.

“It was really sad to see,” Cruz finished.

It also makes you wonder: Do the Democrats really hate Donald Trump that much—or are they just that scared that the American people will figure out that when government gets smaller their lives get better?

I can't help but wonder if Obama watched thespeech. I would loved to have seen his Sour Puss face as America's greatness was celebrated

uld have loved to have seen a picture of his face during the speech.

At first, I wasn't sure what finger Cruz was holding up. But, Cruz is too smart and gentlemanly to do such a thing.

Too many folks fixate on "The Show" that "The Donald" puts on with the job that the POTUS is doing.

"The Show" is a tactic with "The Donald" being the practical joker, with many a truth told in jest!

In the resulting brouhaha about "The Show", the POTUS is going about the serious business of reforming the monstrosity of the Swamp. Yes, the changes are incremental, but the accumulation is starting to resemble real reform!

Cruz was both a victim of "The Show" and a beneficiary. "The Donald" wrested the nomination away from him. But POTUS is enacting the general policy thrusts that Cruz himself would have tried to accomplish.

The Trump reforms have actually occurred in a more steady fashion because the "guns" of his partisan foes have been distracted and focused on "The Show"!

This is a political mastery rarely seen, and as we watch the drama of #ReleaseTheMemo unfold, remember that he has allowed, nay orchestrated, the roll out in such a way that it is not HIM doing it, but the Process itself! A new variation of "The Show", with POTUS as Producer/Director, but the starring roles going to Congressmen & Senators, and the occasional cameo by AG Sessions at apropos moments.

Grab some popcorn, and enjoy "The Show"!! It may prove to be a real barn burner!


@curtmilr - 👍🏻👍🏻

I wish the reality was that government was shrinking, but alas, it is not. You’d really see the economy sore if some of the hundreds of ridiculous programs were cut.


"It also makes you wonder: Do the Democrats really hate Donald Trump that much—or are they just that scared that the American people will figure out that when government gets smaller their lives get better? " Huh? If the government WAS getting smaller that would make sense. Republicans just GROW the government a little slower than democrats do. We only have ONE WAY to peacefully rein in the federal government - an Article V convention for proposing amendments. Either the States get together and reclaim their sovereignty or the republic is doomed.

Morale is a function of expectations. If you expect your opponents to applaud your tribe's leader, you will always be disappointed. Indeed, why whinily demand that Democrats cheer Trump? Aside from being trollingly presumptuous, wouldn't Trumpies, by their version of "logic," benefit politically far more from the other tribe continuing to do what they're doing? Senator Cruz should be applauding Donk truculence, not condemning it.

I think the condemnation is the vehicle for pointing it out to America and reaping the political benefit. Cruz can't exactly say that he hopes they act like anti-American, extreme Marxists (though they do and they are). So he offers critical commentary to bring attention to it. The media would not be talking about their reactions if the right wasn't forcing the issue. The only way to do that without backlash is to show concern for right. In reality, I wish the left were not against Americans. However, they are and we need to make sure the American people know it.

"It also makes you wonder: Do the Democrats really hate Donald Trump that much—or are they just that scared that the American people will figure out that when government gets smaller their lives get better?"

In this case, the Dems really do hate Trump and unfortunately, Trump has provided plenty of fodder for that feeding frenzy. What they truly fear is the loss of power and relevance that any success Trump & Repubs has brings with it. So the focus remains on optics, ignoring any positive facts and singing the tunes that dyed-in-the-wool leftist want to hear, hoping to get that extra 1.8M votes for the various flavors of illegal aliens now under consideration to turn the tide in Electoral College battleground states. It is loss of power, and Trump provides the distraction from the facts.

In any case, we should go anyway State of the Union or not...