Ted Cruz Lays Out Why Christians Support President Trump, and Why It Makes Sense

If you’ve wondered why so many Christians throw their political allegiance behind Trump, Ted Cruz gives seven reasons.

It seems like either a statistic out of Bizarro World, or perhaps just a demonstration of the most profound depths of hypocrisy, but the thrice married Donald J. Trump – a man who has brazenly stated that he doesn’t see any reason why he would need to ask God for forgiveness – enjoys immense support from evangelical Christians.

This reality drives some of those outside of evangelical Christianity nuts. Mainline Protestants who are notoriously more liberal in both their theology and politics, suggest that it is a testimony to how corrupted evangelical Christianity has become. They say it is a sign of blatant hypocrisy, claiming to embrace the Word of God while simultaneously embracing a man who has violated so much of that Word’s counsel. To be fair, their credibility runs a bit thin given that they claim allegiance to the same Word of God while having simultaneously embraced leaders past and present who find that Word contemptible.

But with as uncomfortable as many of us evangelical Christians are with the cozy relationship many evangelical leaders have developed with President Trump, there is a fairly simple, and largely innocuous explanation for the political alliance of Christians and Trumpists: pragmatism.

In other words, Trump is a means to an end. Most of those evangelical Christians who are noted as “supporting” Trump are not supportive of his stance on personal forgiveness, his silence on the divinity of Christ, his offensive history regarding the treatment of women, or even his often-vulgar language and juvenile Twitter taunts. They do support his policies, however. Is this a break from the 1990s era of the moral majority condemning President Clinton for his personal failings and suggesting that he didn’t belong in the White House because, “character matters?” Of course it is. And Christian Trumpists who don’t acknowledge that are kidding themselves. What many evangelicals have done is acknowledge that they have a remarkably imperfect vessel in the White House who is willing to pay Christians back for their electoral support by enacting policies that please them.

To be more specific, if you’re wondering why so many Christians are willing to throw their political allegiance behind a man like Trump, Senator Ted Cruz (a Christian who supports the president not just despite his personal failings but also after that same president had mocked his wife and trashed his dad) laid out seven reasons why.

Speaking at a recent luncheon for conservative Christians in D.C., Cruz articulated the seven biggest victories Christians have had under Trump’s administration. You can read all of Cruz’s explanations here, but these were the seven:

  1. The appointment of principled, constitutionalist judges.
  2. Significant pro-life victories (Mexico City policy, rescinding the contraceptive mandate, denial of tax dollars to Planned Parenthood, withdrawal from the UN Population Fund)
  3. Tax cuts leading to a boon to American families
  4. Devastating Obamacare by repealing the individual mandate
  5. School choice tax bill amendment
  6. Increased support for Israel and moving the embassy to Jerusalem
  7. Withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal that had strengthened the terror regime

Are there some evangelical Christians who have gone crazy and see President Trump as the second coming of Christ? Yes. But they are far, far fewer in number than the number of evangelical Christians who see him as someone enacting policy they believe will better the country and the world.

If you want to tell them they’re wrong, that’s more than fine. But you’ll need to do so not by pointing to personal failings that they most likely don’t appreciate either. You’ll need to do so by telling them why these seven things aren’t worthy of praise, and why it’s not a vast improvement for believers going from a president who proudly spoke at Planned Parenthood fundraisers to one who proudly speaks at the Susan B. Anthony List and March for Life.

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Cruz speaks like someone fearing for his Senate seat. he has lost all credibility as he positions himself in Trump's wake. He will get beat by Beto imo, and he will deserve it.

Alex Wilson
Alex Wilson

@Bill_NC It wasn't clear to me that Trump was the lesser of two evils. Clinton was a known evil, her floor was a bad president like Obama or Carter and her ceiling was an average president like Clinton, Truman, or Bush 41. Trump was an unknown evil, his ceiling would be an above average president like JFK or Eisenhower but his floor was one of the worst presidents of all time, even worse than the horrible tenures of Nixon and LBJ.

Further I thought that because of the gridlock she would run into with a Republican controlled House and possibly Senate, that Hillary was a safer option than the possibility that Trump would revert back to his NY liberal roots once in office and take half the GOP with him.

Even if he had overcome these issues, he would have had to overcome the "Calling himself a Christian while proclaiming a false, heretical version of the Gospel" problem I outlined above, so it's unlikely that I would have been able to vote for him anyway. My only regret about voting for a 3rd party in 2016 (will likely do so again in 2020) was that I voted for Gary Johnson thinking he would be able to secure the LP matching federal funds in 2020 by reaching 5% of the popular vote, when Darrell Castle was much closer to my own views and I only had one major issue of disagreement with him (Immigration) compared with a few major areas of disagreement with Johnson (Abortion, Religious Liberty, picking a VP who was weak on 2A).

  1. An outright lie.
  2. An outright lie.
  3. An outright lie.
  4. An outright lie. Peter Heck did you graduate from the Goebbels School of Journalism?

It's the obvious choice for hyprocites!


I did not like Trump during the primaries. I wanted Cruz instead. I didn't even think that Trump could ever be elected president. But I voted for him--not only for the seven reasons that Cruz listed, but for a big one not listed: he was the lesser of two evils. We knew exactly what we'd get if Hillary were elected: corruption, feminism/abortion/homosex (all the promosexual rubbish), awful judges, and worse. It would have been Obama's downward slide again, but on steroids. So my vote for Trump--AGAINST all of the EVIL of Clinton--is not an endorsement of Trump's evils, but a step against evil. It didn't compromise my morals to vote for an immoral man who is trying to do the right things, compared to letting an immoral woman who is hell-bent on doing the wrong things win the top job in my wonderful country. I hope that this explanation helps people understand the evangelical mind.