Ted Cruz is the Genuine Article

It’s real versus phony in the Texas Senate race. Guess which side the media favor?

Falling in love can make you do all sorts of silly things. Sometimes it’s cute, like standing outside the window of…

Case in point: the media and Robert Francis “Blotto”—er, “Beto”—O’Rourke, who says he’d like to replace Ted Cruz in the Texas delegation to the United States Senate, but has a habit of taking extreme leftist positions that most Texans find rather alarming. The media, who have fawned over O’Rourke with a devotion akin to an 80’s-era Duran Duran fangirl slobbering over Simon Le Bon, see this as an epic romance on the scale of Gone With the Wind or Dr. Zhivago. The reality, however, is more like Gary and Wyatt trying to make the girl of their dreams out of spare sparts and an old computer in Weird Science. The end result looks pretty good, but it’s more fantasy than reality.