Ted Cruz Humiliates CNN's Pathetic Attempt to Shame Him

Cruz isn’t shaking with anxiety at the thought of squaring off in a hostile interview with Brian Stelter, Twitter Cop.

I get that CNN doesn’t like Ted Cruz. Why would they? They’re a left-leaning network that often makes little to no effort to hide their preference of advocacy over journalism. Ted Cruz is a card-carrying conservative and leaves no room for confusion on that point. Ideologically, CNN and Cruz are not cut from the same cloth.

But their hostility towards his ideology does not excuse absurd CNN temper tantrums like this from host Brian Stelter that do little but paint their network as the little yippie dog barking away at their owner’s ankles:

“What are they afraid of?” CNN calling out @FLGovScott, @TedCruz, @MarcoRubio for avoiding interviews.”

Stelter’s tweet includes this graphic from CNN:

Just as a quick reminder, Senator Cruz is a graduate of Harvard Law and a national debate champion. Brian Stelter is the dude with a cable news show best known for stalking the President’s twitter account and reporting it for alleged violations. Call me crazy, but I’m gonna say Cruz isn’t shaking with anxiety at the thought of squaring off in a hostile interview with Paul Blart, Twitter Cop.

What this kind of scorned and taunting temper tantrum actually does, however, is make any reasonable lawmaker very leery about agreeing to CNN’s interview request. The network is telegraphing their desire to engage in a hostile exchange (ala “What are they afraid of?”) and they want it to happen immediately following this tragic shooting in Florida – which indicates a desire to appeal to the emotions of the moment rather than sound thinking.

Cruz was none too pleased at the jab either, dropping this reality check into Stelter’s lap:

“Gosh, I seem to recall doing not 1, not 2, but THREE town hall debates w/ @BernieSanders on @CNN. Each 90 min long. You can accuse me of many things, but being afraid of CNN is not one of them....”

Someone tell Brian to get back on Twitter. Cruz is out of his league anyway.

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SHAME on media like CNN/MSNBC to openly support one political party


What you really mean is that they are all chubby trump sucko-phants, sucko-lytes, and sucko-gates!!!


cruz is a fake conservative!! I'd love to see chris Cuomo interview him about guns and the budget!! He's such a coward, he let nasty mouth trump get away with trashing him, his wife, and his father!!! I lost all respect for this faker!!


Love how CNN is accusing members of the GOP of "hiding from the public" because they won't appear on their network. Problem with CNN's argument is, what are their ratings compared to Fox News? After doing a quick search, it looks to me that most shows on Fox have millions of viewers watching, while most on CNN may have a few hundred thousand.
So given the viewership, wouldn't the people goin on CNN be considered the one's "hiding from the public"?