Take The Vote!

Advice for the GOP in Washington.

I’ve had a lot of family concerns recently, so I’ve been unable to live and die with the Kavanaugh news over the past few weeks. In a beneficial sense, I can view these hearings through the lens that most Americans see them – binoculars, not a microscope. Those of us who are obsessed with politics follow news cycles so closely that we forget most other people don’t have the time or patience to do likewise. Most folks catch the latest news through a headline or short flash on social media, not a 24/7 addiction to cable news.

But even at a distance over the past few weeks, it’s obvious what a political hit job this whole thing has been. And I’m sick of it. Sick of the liberals belittling the horror of rape through their manufactured, BS publicity stunts. Sick of leftists slandering decent men. And sick of the hypocrisy by the party that defended deviants like Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy.

I didn’t have any burning desire to vote in November, but Feinstein changed that!

I notice a lot of warnings about rushing the vote and the ensuing negative consequences in November. Most of these warnings seem to come from progressives and Beltway elites, which is hilarious that they would care about helping conservatives win.

Well, here’s my reply:

Screw them!

Forget the election in November. Take the damn vote!

The stakes are too high! Take ownership of the Supreme Court, and let the chips fall where they may.

Feinstein & Co. whine that this is a lifetime appointment and can’t be rushed. When did Democrats ever worry about rushing through society changing policies before? I don’t recall the Left worrying about pushing through the New Deal, the Great Society, Obamacare, Roe vs. Wade, or homosexual marriage. Where was their hand-wringing then?

Learn the lesson the Left has taught us. Ram the vote down their throat!

The results of the next election are temporary. The Supreme Court confirmation is permanent.

No. 1-2

I would agree, except for one small but vital point: absent even a useless additional FBI investigation, the Republican squishes (Collins, Flake, Murkowski) will likely abandon ship and not vote to confirm. With the investigation, there's at least a chance they'll vote to confirm (given the histories of these three Senators, I'd give it at best a 50-50 chance).

Further, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for at least two Democratic Senators to vote aye in that situation.

Net result: Kavanaugh likely does not get confirmed, his career is ruined, his character defamed by vile but false charges made by liberal activists

Robert     Moore
Robert Moore

What if the vote fails?