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Susan where is the evidence for Trump Russian collusion? You used to write about it a lot and now It seems you ran out of steam... Oh maybe thats because you were a rabid antitrumper who didn't care about the facts... Yup thats it

well shucks - RedState is over yonder. I suggest you go back where they only want those who agree with everything Trump says and does and actually have the very same principles as those on the left...that the ends justify the means. Over here, we are not the 'go along to get along" crowd. All the iconoclasts are over here.


It appears to me you're mostly self-congratulating clones.


Paul Manafort was the connection

Manafort was indicted in 2011 on RICO charges along with Putin's Oligarchs in the Ukraine. Why did Trump make Manafort his Campaign Manager? Because of his stellar record of running the Dole '92 landslide loss? LOL


You mean besides meetings set up between Trump's kids and Russian agents? You mean besides Roger Stone admitting to having contact with the people who hacked the DNC and then gave it to wikileaks? You mean besides all the lies about contacts between this administration and Russians? You mean besides Trump himself telling Russia if they released the information they stole from Americans how "they would be rewarded". Yeah your right, it's all just a blind witch hunt.


Can you prove that? I've never known true Conservative's who are linked to the Left. You are making suppositions that are not true in the least. Sorry you do not agree, but she's here and it's actually okay to have spirited debate you know. I appreciate Susan. She actually uses facts and research. When did a nationalist/populist ever admit he was a Conservative? He's not. Don't believe me or anyone else but do your research.


That's better than the monotonous drone of "the Dems do it all the time, so why should't we" from all the non-conservatives who vote R.


There's ample evidence of collusion between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign; why else would Manafort and Page and Flynn be in orange jumpsuits? The questions are (1) whether Trump himself had any direct hand in any of it (I'd say probably not, because it's borderline inconceivable that a narcissist gloryhog like him could have kept quiet about it), and (2) whether Trump has taken any actions to try and cover it up after the fact - which just happens to be a central focus of Bob Mueller's investigation.


Whos cares about Trump Hes a clown plain and simples. ALL politicians are clowns anymore. Drain the swamp is a good idea. let us start fresh and follow the rules of order.

Sorry to hear you say that.