Susan ran out of hair to pull out over nonsense and more written nonsense from her dull pen and brain. She is a nobody who got fired cuz her stories are horrible and just that. Stories, short on facts high on opinion and low on any actionable intelligence. Just like her.

Susan was one of their top writers so we know that's a lie! Redstate will go down because we don't trust them and the Trumplicans don't trust them because they changed horses midstream!

Isn't there an expiration date for tripe like this poor excuse for a post?

People like you help to confirm that I'll be NeverTrump forever.

It must be getting awfully lonely in the sparsely populated echo chamber that RS has become.


It sounds like you'd be the perfect person to evaluate people on their merits, not just the letter after their name.

The truth is that only 2 parties are winning, with rare exceptions. So if a person wants to be elected, they almost have to pick a party. I'm not saying as a voter to pick one, I'm saying don't write off everyone from a party, if for no other reason than they have to join one to ever win.

If there are two bad choices, by all means abstain or vote third party. I just think the idea of writing off everyone by association is the flip side of the same coin of those that demand we support every Republican.