Susan I am so glad to have found your article. It is devastating you all are gone. Red State gave no notice what happened or why. We are in the dark who left and why.
You were and are are an interesting , attention holding politial writer. one of the best. I am not surprised your reports and articles got so many views. As a person of faith we sure need such points of view.
Money is always a reason to have downsized if RS was losing money. I thought RS grew since March 2016. The Howes, Neil were there so long Jay too. Neil wrote on topics few covered. He used to do a lot of poll reports and online technology. But moderating the comments for trolls is a full time job too.
I still face my personal grief. And as Thomas Jefferson once noted of all the thing she has ever done or seen he still has his grief. I do too. And some heath challenges now. Red State has come to be a community for me. I miss you all. But hey, look at the new writer you --here. EE is alife saver. Thanks, EE.

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Hi, guys... and yep. You'll be able to catch me here or catch me on the Politics Red territory of


Susan also writes for now (my apologies if you've already heard about this); I'm grateful to the decision-makers there, and to Mr. Erickson. :)