Surprises With Ted Cruz at the Resurgent Gathering

The senator talks Texas, Trump and the challenges of his upcoming election.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas arrived to enthusiastic applause when he took the stage with Erick Erickson at the Resurgent Gathering—and a lot of anticipation, with the crowd chanting, “Ted! Ted! Ted!” right before his arrival.

Cruz began his discussion by stating that while the GOP Congress has dealt with its share of challenges, there has been real progress with the conservative agenda since President Trump assumed office. With tax reform topping the list, leading to the first real economic expansion in nearly a decade, Republicans in this Congress have a real record of achievement. “When it comes to spending,” Cruz said, however, ”Washington is profoundly broken.”

He went on to say that there are ways to fix the problem structurally, with term limits and a federal balanced budget amendment among the solutions that would help. Beyond that, he stated that it will also take real leadership to take on spending cuts and entitlement reform, because it would be impossible to turn things around tackling those issues head-on.

It was at that point a protestor who had infiltrated the audience jumped up, unfurled some placard that had some blather about Russia printed on it (surprisingly enough, not written in crayon), and yelled at Cruz for being—of all things—a coward and a bootlicker for Putin. The protestor was promptly escorted out of the room, but Cruz took the episode in stride, joking that he would be surprised if the man even knew what “coward” meant—especially after the Obama administration, which pretty much cornered the market on playing footise with Russia with their so-called reset.

From there, Cruz lamented that there seems to be nothing but rage coming from the left, largely fueled by a compliant media. In that respect, he said that Donald Trump has performed a valuable service by exposing the media for their outright bias, but cautioned conservatives against going down the same path. Conservatives, he said, should take on the role of happy warriors, using reason to counter the left’s vitriol and never losing our sense of values—not to mention our sense of humor.

The conversation then shifted to the presidential election in 2020, which Cruz speculated would have maybe up tp 20 Democrats vying for the nomination. Erick Erickson mentioned that they would need a pretty big kids table at the debates, to which Cruz replied that maybe they should all be forced sit at the kids table. “Maybe they’ll need two tables,” he joked.

As things wrapped up, the subject changed to Beto O’Rourke, the Democrat congressman who is challenging Cruz for his Senate seat this year. Cruz, for his part, didn’t downplay the challenge in the least, and admonished the crowd, “We have a real race here, and we need to take it seriously.” O’Rourke, he said, is a hard leftist: he wants to raise taxes, supports the regulatory state, wants to expand Obamacare into full socialized medicine, and is proud of his ”F” rating from the National Rifle Association. And although O’Rourke does not represent Texas values, he has been outraising the Cruz campaign by worrisome margins.

To overcome that, Cruz told the audience that it’s vital that conservatives not be complacent—that they work every day to speak out about the issues, and act as both the voice and the feet for his campaign. This is especially vital now that the Senate has canceled its August recess, which means that Cruz will be in Washington for most of the month doing the job he was elected by Texans to do while O’Rourke will be free to hit the campaign trail.

As long as conservatives don’t forget what’s at stake, though, and as long as they come out in force to vote this November, Cruz is sure that victory will be ours—and that he’ll continue to fight the good fight for not only Texas, but for the rest of America as well.

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E.E. Bokbok

His father shot JFK.

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