Stuffed animals bring out the kid in all of us.

From Teddy Bears to turtles, there's something about those lovable plushies.

When Samantha Holmes was 2 years old, she gave her father a stuffed turtle. For the last 18 years, he's carried it to…

He's been toting this turtle in his gym bag for so long, neither father or daughter remember when or why she gave it to him. But he always made sure it was in his gym bag. He even packed it in his suitcase when he went away on trips. “When she gave it to me, she told me to take it out if I felt lonely. I don’t like to be away from the kids, so I like to have it,” he said. “I think of it as a part of them being with me.” Pat Holmes only took his turtle out recently because his gym bag was totaled. He showed it to his daughter, who posted the story on Reddit. Then, the Washington Post interviewed the family about it. (