Student May Not Graduate after Stating there are Only Two Genders

Students are learning so much more in college these days—such as what happens when you dare to have a differing opinion.

Recently at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, a student was ejected from his Religious Studies class for daring to make the wild claim that there are—gasp—two genders. I apologize for springing that on you so suddenly; you may need a moment to recover from such brazen hate speech.

According to the student, Lake Ingle, the professor showed a TED Talk featuring a transgender woman who gave examples of “mansplaining,” “male privilege,” and systematic sexism. Following the video discussion was then opened to female students only. When no female students spoke up, Ingle chose to point out that there are only two genders according to biologists. He also asserted that the gender wage gap is a myth, invoking the New York Times as backup. Ingle was quickly booted from class.

The following day his professor gave him an Academic Integrity Referral Form, which describes his behavior as “disrespectful objection to the professor’s class discussion structure; refusal to stop talking out of turn; angry outbursts in response to being required to listen to a trans speaker discuss the reality of white male privilege and sexism.”

In a Facebook post which was later deleted when Ingle retained legal counsel, Ingle objected that “the wording in the documents is not only exaggerated, but more than one line is entirely untruthful and is done so purposefully to discredit my views and paint me as intolerant and ignorant.”

The disciplinary documents given to Ingle also order him to “begin class with an apology to the class for his behavior and then listen in silence as the professor and/or any student who wishes to speak shares how he or she felt during Lake’s disrespectful and disruptive outbursts on 2-28.”

A few things about this: 1) I’m sure this happens each and every time a conservative student is offended by liberal views in a class…right? 2) If this is regular procedure anytime a student says something in any way controversial (I acknowledge this is an extreme example, as not every view is as controversial the claim that there are only two biological genders), I’m wondering how much of class time is taken up with these therapy sessions. 3) How many destructive things can you count being taught to these students in this one incident?

At this time Ingle is not allowed back into class until he complies with the demands laid out in the documents. This may prevent his graduation in May, since this class is required for graduation. Like so many other professors across the country, this one is offering value added to the class: not only is she teaching the class offered, but she is teaching so much more, such as how to keep your mouth shut and go along with those in power over you—or else.

Assuming his account is accurate and he can obtain some witnesses to verify it, this professor should simply be tossed out. But instead, a legal process might net him an apology from the school and his degree after 6 years and $300,000 in legal bills. And that is if he wins. They understand the difficulty in fighting the system and depend on that to keep the minions in line. The university will proper give the teacher an award. The brick and mortar, traditional college is going to end up destroying itself if they don't reign it in. Maybe they can survive off of a fraction of the country, but I doubt it. We are going to see an increased push in tailored academic programs that prepare people for specific careers. Even fields that will require a 4 year degree will end up being served by basic education program. You could slash the cost, speed up the process and sell the university as a compact, less expensive alternative to this crap most universities are serving up. We are not there yet, but the cracks are beginning to show.

Yep, todays thinking. You need to get along with all of us and that means you think like I do and only that way to get along

Etbass, I think that you are right, and frankly, it won't be a loss when it happens.

I remember threats to revoke churches tax-exempt status for endorsing certain political positions in recent years. I can’t help but wonder how fast universities would correct these biases when their own federal funding and tax exempt status is cut off.

I thought higher education was about all forms of thought and total freedom to explore all areas on issues? How college has changed since I was a student! I feel sorry for those in college today: those like Lake being corerced into leftest thought and those who are so ignornant they haven't a clue they are being indocrinated!