Stop Letting Racists and Jew-Haters Masquerade Under the Term, “Alt-Right”By Josh Hammer

In September, when I wrote about what I perceive to be the three broad categories of Trump supporters, I opened up a bit about an unfortunate recent incident I had experienced when the white supremacist website VDARE intercepted a tweet of mine to Hugh Hewitt:

A few weeks ago, I tweeted to Hugh Hewitt about the need for a Buckley-style purge of the “alt-right.” VDARE saw my tweet and quoted it in defending the very Birch-ers whom Buckley purged long ago. Less than twelve hours after unfortunately having my tweet quoted by VDARE (and thus making it visible to all accounts who follow VDARE’s Twitter account), I began being harassed by a prominent white nationalist Twitter account with 80,000+ Twitter followers. I quickly blocked the account, but as I discovered the harassment while lying in bed overnight, the damage was largely done. Over the next twelve hours, I received in my Twitter “@ mentions” some of the worst anti-Semitism I have ever received in my life. I had to block and/or mute dozens of anonymous Twitter eggs and accounts with anti-Semitic caricatures as their avatars—all of whom were sure to have “#MAGA” (“Make America Great Again”) and/or something to do with either “cuckservatives” or Jews in their account bio descriptions. Truly terrible stuff—but no one who has closely followed some of the crazies that the Trump campaign has brought out of hiding should be unfamiliar with this horrible phenomenon, by now.