Starbucks Clarifies Policy On Non-Customer Use Of Its Stores

Sleeping, drug use, disruptive behavior will be forbidden, but purchase is not required to use facilities.

On Saturday, Starbucks announced a bold move to ensure that no one in its stores feels that Starbucks stores “are not…

Over the weekend, this announcement was met with mixed reactions. While some supported the announcement, many, including employees, expressed concerns. The biggest concern voiced was that Starbucks stores, especially in urban areas, will now become hubs for homeless people and drug users. Some who claimed to be employees said that this is actually already happening at their stores. Others say that the big announcement was only a formal public expression of an informal policy already in place at most Starbucks stores. However, the manager at the root of the current PR crisis that led to this announcement has claimed that her former store, in Philadelphia, had a strict no loitering policy because of issues that had occurred previously at that store. This was why she called the police when two black men who were not ordering anything refused to leave after being asked to.