Stacey Abrams Purposely Sunk John Barrow, The Last Blue Dog Democrat

Barrow could have been a good secretary of state. Abrams didn't care, she shamelessly played him for her own benefit.

I voted for John Barrow as Georgia secretary of state in the general election. Yes, I voted for a Democrat. But in the runoff, I voted--emphatically--for Republican Brad Raffensperger. I suspect I'm not the only one.

I don't know Raffensperger from Adam's housecat. He's a relative nobody who represents the Georgia House district neighboring mine (if I drive past the local Publix a half mile away, I'm in Raffensperger's territory). But now Raffensperger will be our secretary of state.

Traditionally that position is a low profile administrative walk in the boondocks, akin to commissioner of labor or insurance. Now, the Georgia secretary of state is going to be a lightning rod for Stacy Abrams to prime her money pump, shake her cash tree, what have you, in her "voter suppression" grift operation. Abrams shamelessly used John Barrow, who POLITICO described as the "last Deep South white Dem" in 2011, as fodder for her own gain.

I have met Barrow. He's not a rabid, progressive, race baiting identity politician. He's more like a Zell Miller, Max Cleland Democrat. A Blue Dog Democrat who served in the House of Representatives, who was thrown from office in the Republican sweep of Georgia's House delegation. He seemed competent to me.

Barrow's voting record of progressive litmus issues like abortion, while certainly not pro-life, is not a shining star for Planned Parenthood either. He voted for the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act in 2005/2006. He voted to prohibit federally funded abortion services in 2009. He voted against Obamacare in 2010.

I could live with Barrow as secretary of state. I figured he was probably trying to set up a run for governor or senator (like Karen Handel did, or our current governor elect Brian Kemp).

But then Stacey Abrams made her horrid, self-serving non-concession speech, and threw Barrow under the bus. She knew she was doing it. She didn't care. She knew Barrow was not a progressive shining star and could not counterpunch, so she made him a tool. If he won, he'd be her sock puppet. But I'm sure she didn't expect him to win.

By 11:05 p.m. last night, New York Magazine's Intelligencer had already unveiled a thousand-word-plus eulogy for the man "who inspired no one." I'm sure it was written weeks ago.

Barrow’s brand, simply put, was to excite nobody — including those who might constitute something resembling a base. If Tuesday’s runoff was a referendum on this approach — whether the white moderate could build a winning coalition out of demoralized black Democratic stalwarts, progressives, and right-of-center whites in a kind of election where, historically, only a sliver of the electorate shows up — it failed.

They may as well write an ad for Abrams "Fair Fight Action" organization.

Abrams will stomp on the grave of Barrow, and continue to focus on whatever brings the rain for her. Certainly, Blue Dog Democrats do not bring rain. Not anymore.

I'm sure Raffensperger will be a decent secretary of state. I also thought Barrow could have. Maybe they should make that race non partisan. Barrow, when we met, told me that would be a good idea. I'm beginning to agree.

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Look party identification is a reasonable analog of the principles a candidate will be using in their office. So while it does not always work Ralston would be crooked Democrat or Republican it gives the voter something to hang their vote on besides the candidate saying I will do a good job. Principled candidates that do what the promise are in short supply. So while I would like judge a candidate on their resume I need to flag their baggage. By the way the Blue dog democrats in the last 20 years have only rubber stamped the progressive leaderships positions. So in effect the moderates in the Democrat party are useless and ineffectual.


I disagree on making that race nonpartisan. That will simply give the leftist an opportunity to slip Marxist radicals in the office in deep red states by disguising who they are and playing off an uninformed electorate. I am not saying Barrow is one of those, but Abrams is, and I am sure Georgia has plenty more.

My question for Barrow would be if he isn't radical like the rest of them, why is he still a Democrat? The Democrats have made it crystal clear that anyone that doesn't fully wrap themselves in leftism isn't welcome in the party. Say what you want about the GOP, but it has everyone from Mike Lee to Mitt Romney to Donald Trump to Susan Collins.

If there were more informed voters, a nonpartisan SoS would be fine. We don't have voters and the party ID is about all they will know or care about in races like the SoS race. It is sad, but true.

The other side of that is that the Democrats would use the office to legalize and cover up voter fraud. They live by the statement that it isn't who votes that matters, but who counts the votes. We witnessed firsthand that Abrams would do and say anything to win, false, illegal, etc. It doesn't matter. The ends justify the means. They were arguing that unsigned ballots should be counted. No party that advocates for such a ridiculous thing should be anywhere near the reigns of power, nor should anyone that willingly aligns themselves with them.

I don't vote for all of the Republicans, but associating with the Democrat party is an automatic disqualification as unfit for office.


Doing away with the photo ID requirement for voting would be a sure path to fraud!


Mr. Berman, I met the now sec-state elect twice & am dumbfounded that you do not know anything about him. He is a structural engineer by trade among other professional credentials he has. And he has a lovely wife I would like to add. So, are you bashing Mr. Raffensperger for not getting to know you, or getting all over Stacy for her errors & what you perceive she & her minions may be up to for now? Or just feeling sorry for Mr. Barrow? Also you may need to get hold of what our sec. of state does/job functions ..they are important & Brad R., I have no doubt, will steer that boat very well. But he will deal with the Dem's constant law suits/yelling at his office for political gain...& votes for all the "disenfranchisement" going on. CHEERS, Bobby Komlo, Lake Wildwood


What I didn't like about Barrow is that he (at least according to the ads) would do away with our voter photo ID law, and he wasn't going to enforce the voter registration requirements. Of course, that could all be political hype, but we need to make sure the voter registration databases are kept current and secure to help prevent fraud.