Spartacus Strikes Again

The news the FBI summaries will be out later today has Cory Booker singing a new tune

Senator Booker moved past delay, delay, delay hinting at an outcome similar to the one some Senate Democrats had articulated yesterday. According to The Hill, Democratic Senators wishing to remain anonymous said members of the Caucus were quietly hoping that Judge Kavanaugh would drop out of the nomination process. That doesn't seem to be happening so enter Senator Cory Booker.

According to Booker, it doesn't matter if Kavanaugh is innocent at the charges levied at him. It doesn't matter that at least two of his accusers have fallen apart under scrutiny and that Dr. Ford's testimony was not even enough for a seasoned prosecutor to take seriously.

It doesn't matter if these highly partisan tactics, from the circus that we witnessed at the confirmation hearings thanks to the guests of Democrat Senators to the repeated baseless accusations breathlessly repeated by the media arm of the DNC, have been a political freak show. We must heal.

No, according to Booker, Kavanaugh must be replaced with a new nominee from the President's list. One who won't have a cloud hanging over him in such partisan times. Because we all know any nominee from the President's list would be treated with the utmost respect and dignity going forward, right?

Even those who knew him well, Booker opines, have come out in opposition to him. Yeah, the Yale roommate's younger brother was totally compelling. And he got so angry at being called a serial rapist, how can we seat him on the bench? The right thing to do he implores, is a do over. For 'Merica.

No. One-thousand times no. Not a chance.

The Democrats do not even realize what they have done. They have turned Lindsey Graham into a an actual representative of the GOP. They have disgusted Senators who are faithful in opposing much of the Trump agenda like Mike Lee and Ben Sasse. Senator Sasse was so furious he yielded his speaking time during the hearings.The only one still blinded by any fiction that there is good faith dealings across the aisle is Jeff Flake. And he's leaving.

They have also helped to heal the fissure between segments of the GOP that were for and against Trump. With a few exceptions the lines have blurred in the commentariat, dulled by the disgusting delay tactics of the Democratic members of the Judiciary Committee.

Not only that, you fired up Republican voters. According to an NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll the percentage the see the mid-terms as 'Very Important' have shifted:

  • The 10 point gap in voter enthusiasm is now a statistical tie
  • Republican enthusiasm has gone from 68% in July to 80% now.
  • Voter enthusiasm among Democrat women has actually fallen two points to 79%
  • Republican women's enthusiasm has jumped from 71% to 83%. Similar gains have been seen among Republican men.

So Senate Majority Leader McConnell will have his vote. Despite the Democrats temper tantrums, pleas and plain old kvetching about "process", the vote will go on. And if Flake flakes so be it.

But to reward this absolute denigration of our political process with a gimme? No thanks guys. Your red state Dems are going to have to cast a vote.

No. 1-2

Cory is an a-hole, but he's protecting the SCOTUS. I'll give him that.


Is this the same Cory Booker who bragged in a student newspaper about groping girls while he was drunk? Karma's a bitch Cory and you will soon find out just how bad it is.