Somehow This "Handmaid's Tale" Thing Just Got More Ridiculous

Modern third-wave feminism is unquestionably a jumbled mixture of self-contradictory platitudes and expectations.

Modern third-wave feminism is unquestionably a jumbled mixture of self-contradictory platitudes and expectations. For instance, it tells us that women are independent moral agents capable of making their own choices without another’s approval. Except when Joan Walsh and her fellow third-wavers want to declare that Ivanka Trump’s dress is too ladylike and not appropriate “to go out in the world and make a difference.”

As Tiana Lowe aptly put it:

By vast majorities, women today are spurning the label of “feminist” — it’s become an antagonizing, miserable, culturally Marxian code word for a far-left movement that seeks to confine women into boxes of wokeness.

Well said. Along with that appropriate description comes the agonizingly embarrassing pretensions that women in the West are moments away from living out the dystopian nightmare depicted in the overwrought fiction novel, “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

Written by left-wing Canadian author Margaret Atwood, the book chronicles life for women in an imaginary Christian theocracy. Not only does Atwood totally misunderstand the Christian view of women, she conveniently ignores the significance that Christianity has had in making Western women the freest, most liberated women in world history. The silly misrepresentation of these (and many other) realities is why most thinking people roll their eyes whenever someone references the book.

But sadly, there are plenty of unthinking people who fervently believe that America is just one or two ticks away from relegating women back to their butter-churning ways of Massachusetts Bay. Which is why Atwood continues to enjoy far more attention than she deserves. Not that I mind that too terribly much, given that she is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to highlighting the exaggerated foolishness of modern feminism. To wit:

Atwood told The Irish Times that she asked herself “if the United States were going to have a totalitarian regime, what kind would it be? It wouldn’t be communist. It would be something quite a lot like the Tea Party,” adding that it wouldn’t be someone like President Trump as the totalitarian leader. Instead, “I imagined something a lot more like Mike Pence.

Too. Funny.

First of all, remember that Mike Pence is the guy who honors his marriage and respects his wife enough to have established ground rules so that she would never be subjected to public disgrace or disrepute. Secondly, remember that the same woman who is smearing him as an anti-female despot also finds friends among the leftist cabals in Hollywood where they won’t cast women in leading roles until they’ve raped them enough times.

That alone is enough to prove that third wave feminism isn’t about females and it isn’t about femininity. It’s about progressive politics. Listen, if the thought of Vice President Mike Pence as a gulag-commanding totalitarian doesn’t strike you as absurdly hilarious, if the proposition that the anti-establishment, anti-big government, pro-individual liberty Tea Party movement is actually seeking more establishment, bigger government, and less liberty doesn’t hit a 10 on your insanity scale, you have simply lost all connection to reality.

But on the bright side, you might really enjoy “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

Feminism, like all strains of Marxism , is about power. Obtaining it and wielding it. Which is why I don't find Ms/Mrs. Atwood or her ilk "Too. Funny.". It matters very little if her statements accurately reflect Mike Pence or not. The point, much like her book, is to change and control perceptions. And through that win people over to her side. And I don't find that funny at all but worrying.

It never ceases to amaze me how incapable people like this are in thinking out things to their logical conclusion. Writing a book about fictional totalitarian Christian Theocracy = criticism. Writing a book about non-fictional totalitarian Islamic Theocracy = death threats.


But on the bright side, you might really enjoy “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

Oops -enter means post - But on the bright side, you might really enjoy “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Doubt it - won't even try.

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