Somehow Democrats Manage to Destroy #MeToo Movement

Continued amazement at the propensity of leftists to find a way to undermine their own credibility at nearly every turn.

Somehow they’ve done it. I don’t know how or why I would be surprised by this, but somehow I continue to be amazed at the propensity of modern leftists to find a way to undermine their own credibility at nearly every turn. This time it’s with an issue that sat up perfectly for them to take to the electoral bank.

The Republican Party has elected a man to the White House that is on tape bragging about his sexual immorality, his perverted philandering, adultery, and his apparent belief that women are sexual playthings who should be honored if he made advances toward them. He lost the women vote in 2016 by double digits to one of the worst candidates in American political history.

The only right-leaning cable news outlet, Fox News, saw its longtime chairman and CEO lose his job for sexual misconduct against women. Not long after that, the channel’s highest rated personality was canned for the same offense.

And now, the Party has nominated a Senate candidate in Alabama who has been credibly accused of sexually molesting teenage girls when he was in his 30s. The candidate himself has offered virtually no reasonable defense to those accusations to this date.

In such an environment it would seem rational that Democrats would carry women voters – and a large portion of men who are equally turned off by the rampant piggishness – by epic margins in the upcoming election cycle. Perhaps sensing that momentum, online keyboard warriors instigated a trending hashtag movement to document the widespread mistreatment of women in American society.

Somehow, leftists have managed to blow it. They’ve ceded what they could have claimed, even if inaccurately given their own party’s history with electing men guilty of sexual assault to the highest office in the land, was their moral high ground. Two high profile Democrats have been credibly accused of sexual misconduct in recent days.

Senator Al Franken faces four accusations of groping and harassment, and managed to get caught on camera in the midst of one such offense. And Representative John Conyers is dealing with numerous allegations that he requested sexual favors, inappropriately touched, and sexually harassed a bevy of former aides, even using them to transport other lovers with whom he was having affairs. One of these cases also involves a $27,000 payoff of taxpayer dollars to one disgruntled staffer.

Neither of these Democrats are anywhere close to irreplaceable. Franken is a bad joke – seriously, and Conyers is anything but competent. But yet, given the opportunity to prove how serious they are about putting the good of women above politics:

CNN’s Dana Bash: Should Al Franken resign?

Democrat Senate Whip Dick Durbin: Al Franken has acknowledged what he did was wrong.


Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi: “John Conyers is an icon in our country…”

NBC’s Chuck Todd: “Do you believe John Conyers’ accusers?”

Pelosi: “I don’t know who they are. Do you? They have not really come forward.”


Painting the Republican Party as misogynistic sexists has long been an objective of the identity-politics driven left. But it has rarely been so easy as it would seem to be now. Remember Obama’s ham-fisted attempt to suggest that Mitt Romney was a threat to the fairer sex because he had binders full of women’s names that he sought to hire:

Obama: Mitt Romney won’t say whether he’d stand up for equal pay, but he did tell us he has “binders full of women.”

The same group that pretended that Romney clumsily stating that he had researched and compiled a list of highly qualified professional women he wanted to hire was somehow sexist, now defend men who groped and abused women as “iconic.”

Liberal numbers guy Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight blog perhaps put it best:

Democrats have lost the thread on sexual harassment. You can debate Franken as being a marginal case, I guess. But the Conyers claims represent a serious abuse of power – one that required a legal settlement – and Pelosi doesn’t see them as a firing offense.

This is what happens when politics has become god in your country.

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I don't know. Circling the wagons to protect your own seems marginally better than immediately abandoning and betraying your own at the slightest provocation to try and hold onto a supposed moral high ground that doesn't seem to do any good.


"The candidate himself has offered virtually no reasonable defense to those accusations to this date. " When you explain to everyone how one can defend against this, other than having names, dates and other solid evidence that you were not capable of being in the right place and time to do all of what his accusers say, this kind of comment is just wrong. It is the main reason that these charges are brpought by the left, especially the Gloria Allred types, who will try this stuff every time. They have a track record of eyeing high profile people and extorting money, which is Allred's motivation, regardless of where the money comes from. He shouldn't have to defend himself to you. God will sort this out.


Regarding Moore: I wrote this article 2 weeks ago debunking the common narrative, and in that time, even more evidence and witnesses have stepped forward that further discredit the claims against him.


I wish one person that claims that the accusations against Roy Moore are credible would explain why they think they are credible! Everybody just keeps repeating they are credible as if they are hoping if they say it enough people will believe them. Both Franken and Conyers have REAL and CREDIBLE evidence that supports the claims made against them. Well, Conyers claims he covered up his accusation and paid them off with an express non-admission of guilt.