Somebody Needs to Ask Sarah Sanders If She Will Defend Lucian Wintrich

Gateway Pundit WH correspondent Lucian Wintrich was detailed for grabbing a women from behind during a speech at UConn.

I don’t know Lucian Wintrich personally, but what I know of him convinces me I don’t like him, and never have. Wintrich is a more buttoned-up, artsy version of Milo Yiannopoulos. In fact, Wintrich was the photographer for Yiannopoulos’ “Gays for Trump” art project.

Now he works for Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit. He’s a White House correspondent. That title comes with all kinds of benefits, apparently, including a speaking gig at the University of Connecticut Tuesday evening where the talk was titled “It’s OK to Be White.” I can’t imagine a more inflammatory topic for politically correct campus agitators, who were out in force for the speech.

When a woman grabbed his speech notes from the lectern, Wintrich followed her, grabbing her from behind. Not cool.

From this angle, it’s clear that Wintrich just wanted to get his notes back. But he did grab her and physically tried to take them. There’s better ways to deal with this (like printing another copy of his notes?) than a physical alteration.

The typical reaction followed. Smashed windows, frothed up anti-free-speech crowds. Wintrich was detained by police, and Hoft later reported that Wintrich was arrested. According to the Daily Beast, it’s unclear whether he was charged or if the woman he grabbed was injured.

To me, the video doesn’t really support any claim of serious injury, but he did grab her arm pretty hard.

I don’t trust most things that Gateway Pundit publishes—they’re well known for planting fake news stories, and promoting very questionable sources. In fact, I don’t think they should be part of the White House press corps at all.

And now we have the spectacle of a tuxedoed gay white boy who works at the White House grabbing a woman on campus. Most reporters would be fired by now.

Wintrich should be fired. But I'm biased because I don’t think he should ever have been hired or given a White House press pass.

I hope at today’s press briefing, someone asks Sarah Sanders to clarify the White House’s position on reporters who grab women from behind and literally manhandle them in public. I can’t imagine her defending him because it’s totally indefensible.

No. 1-3

If someone steals your property, you have the right to go get it back.


I thought we were supposed to treat women as equals?


Sure it's defensible. He was retrieving property stolen by that there Librul Demoncrat. Self defense. Standing his ground and all that. Besides, he likes Trump so the rules are different for him.