So Sorry We Disappointed You, Mitt Romney

But that doesn’t make your criticism of Donald Trump any less misguided—or one sided.

It’s amazing to behold, but for a mild-mannered guy Mitt Romney sure made a splash with a Washington Post

In case it never occurred to him, there were plenty of opportunities over the last several years for Romney to point out the manifest character flaws of the man he tried to replace as president back in 2012, namely one Barack Hussein Obama. Granted, Obama didn’t suffer from the personal peccadillos that the current occupant of the White House has in tremendous supply—there were no infidelities, no porn stars, no suggestions he was anything but a loving husband and father, and his Twitter feed was about as rote and boring as any focus-tested social media fluff. As the chief executive and foremost law enforcement officer of the country, however, Obama demonstrated all the character of a mob boss ruthlessly protecting and expanding his turf.