Smoke and Mirrors

A dysfunctional DC coupled with mendacious media leaves America in a dark, uncertain place.

If you’ve never seen The Usual Suspects, I won’t spoil the ending for you—but suffice it to say that the film is one of the finest examples of a storytelling device known as the unreliable narrator, in which lies get shuffled with the truth like a crooked dealer cold-decking an easy mark at the poker table, so that by the end you don’t even know what to believe anymore, much less who.

I’m reminded of this because it seems as if we’ve reached that same critical mass at the highest levels of power and influence in Washington, DC, encapsulated in a single op-ed column that the New York Times ran yesterday. The author is anonymous. We don’t know the first thing about him—other than he purports to be a “senior official in the Trump administration.” And he has supposedly confirmed the worst fears of both the #NeverTrump stalwarts and the leftist political machines that have been out to get Donald Trump, make it impossible for him to govern, and drive him once and for all from office.

The tone of the article seems, on the surface, at least partly credible. It certainly dovetails with Bob Woodward’s upcoming book Fear, in which he renders a vivid portrait of a White House desperately trying to rein in the president’s worst instincts. In the op-ed, the mysterious author recounts how he and other senior officials have been doing the same, going so far as it withhold papers from his desk to save him from signing orders and giving directives that would result in disaster. This, the author claims, is because they are not only trying to save Trump from himself, but the country from Trump.

He denies this is a Deep State. He says that it’s a “steady state.”

Which naturally raises the question: What’s the difference?

And herein lies the problem. Trump supporters are unlikely to believe the accusations of egregious temperament and terrible judgement, because they’ve seen how the media have leveled these kinds of accusations before only to walk them back grudgingly when they turned out to be unfounded or unproven. They also know how the media are quick to promote anything that makes Trump look bad, even when they’re spreading half-truths, and loath to give him credit for anything—including the roaring economy. Just a couple of weeks ago, they saw over a hundred newspapers across the country run coordinated op-eds attacking Trump. And just the other day, they probably noticed NBC’s Chuck Todd calling for the media to “fight back” against the president.

But you know what these same supports are likely to take away from this story? Confirmation that there really is a Deep State—or steady state, or whatever you want to call it—actively trying to undermine the Trump administration from within.

So which parts are true, and which parts are lies? It’s gotten to the point where nobody can tell the difference—and what you believe has more to do with tribal loyalties than anything resembling principle. But how did we get to such a dangerous point? It’s simple, really. Part of it is the DC Establishment, both Republican and Democrat, that resents the election—and the voters who put him there—of an outsider to the White House. From the Clinton campaign’s manufacture of Russian collusion as an excuse for their loss to the calls for impeachment if the Democrats take the house this fall, there is a strong desire across powerful factions to undo the will of the people and remove Trump from office. Also at fault are the media themselves, who have completely wrecked their credibility with their animus against Trump. Any reporting on actual wrongdoing in the administration is summarily dismissed by a large segment of the public, because that segment doesn’t trust them. This is why Trump boasts that he could commit murder and his supporters wouldn’t desert him.

So why would they believe that Trump is unhinged, just because the media say so?

My greatest fear is that if the article—and Woodward’s book—are even remotely accurate, it will be impossible to take the measures needed to correct the situation without tearing the country apart. Such are the wages of fake news..

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If the op-ed was written by a "true patriot fighting for all that's right from the inside", the person wouldn't go to NYT thru a 'trusted contributor'. He would go directly, and probably to fox news. The Times supposedly confirmed this unnamed author by having to do a background check just to find out who they are and if there is such a job in the WH...not some househould name higher up as the left will make you believe. Even then the only contact they had was a phone conversation, ("Hello? Ya it's me. Bye now") set up by the 'trusted source', and 'his' verification. The best guess if this isn't simply a ploy by Woodward to sell books, is that some Obama holdover female was troll-dated by a journalist contributor soy-flake, who had the idea to co-authoring said story for a buck and another punch at 'not his president'. Who was the audience the author was writing to? The NYT. What Trump appointee would read the Times, let alone pick them as their primary source of disseminating this "don't worry, I'm on the job...just like you my fellow resistors" garbage. Untrue? Fake News? Deep state? DNC? - if their past behavior is any indication of the depths to which they'll sink, this op-ed is just the smoke from the deep smouldering fire of hate the Left-Elite. Expect more of the same, especially if the blue puddle is whipped into mob-froth by the only too happy to help MSM.

Still Jules
Still Jules

The old script was "The Trump administration is incompetent and a danger to the country..." and now that facts are continually proving this to be false the Left has had to fall back on Plan B, which is "The Trump ADMINISTRATION is doing a good job but only because they are working against Trump, who can take no credit for its successes because it is succeeding IN SPITE of him".

An interesting sidestep, not a reversal but merely a remodeling of the original theme.

But it depends on the whole-hearted participation of the Complicit Agenda Media, led off in this case by the willingness of the New York Times to publish a scurrilous hit piece by an unidentified "source". This is yellow journalism at its yellowest, but the NYT is perfectly willing to go that low. And Plan B will fail, too, and so will Plan C and so on, all the way to Plan Z, because they are all based on lies and dependence on fostering enough internal chaos in the country and enough destabilization of the society to enable them to finally topple the elected government and take over.

There are a lot of very stupid people in the United States, but unfortunately for the Left not all of them also hate this country and want it to become yet another Leftist-ruined banana republic, in spite of the efforts of their trolls and the media.

One of their (many) problems is going to be that of convincing people that media which are openly, blatantly, virulently anti-Trump are really Trump puppets trying to drum up support for him. It will be interesting to see how they try to pull that off, especially without the participation of the Trump-hating media which will refuse to be branded as Trump minions.


The article annoyed me to no end. If Trump is such a dangerous person you need to get out of his way so the country can see him for who he is. And to run something like that with without a name attached is really disgusting.


The left and the media are not smart enough, nor honest enough to realize and admit that the continual attacks both against Trump and all things conservative have alienated many conservatives who might have had issues with Trump otherwise. I know many people who were not Trump fans but have felt increasingly pushed into his corner by the dishonesty and aggressiveness of the media left. Not only did the media get Trump elected. They are pushing the right hard in his direction.