Sick Feminist Screed Calls Jesus a “Rape Baby”

Feminist author Sarah McDavitt Woods apparently had a brilliant idea recently while trying to come up with yet another angry screed about the abuses of that great despoiler of femininity, the ever-ominous “patriarchy.”

Feminist author Sarah McDavitt Woods apparently had a brilliant idea recently while trying to come up with yet another angry screed about the abuses of that great despoiler of femininity, the ever-ominous “patriarchy.”

To be fair, it has to be difficult coming up with a new approach to saying the exact same thing day in and day out, especially when your readers are demanding new reasons to hate men, manhood, family, and civil society. At some point the well runs dry, and you’re left with having to make some of the most ridiculous leaps to crank out an article – even attacking the Christmas story.

Yes, she did. And remember, it doesn’t matter how disjointed, illogical, and specious the article is, by absurdly titling it “Jesus Was a Rape Baby,” you’re guaranteed to get attention – and for those who worship the false god of politics, that’s all that matters.

I would suggest only those with a strong tolerance for blasphemy and ignorance read the entire piece, but here are some of the highlights:

It is highly unlikely Jesus was conceived as the result of a youthful romance…Mary was not a “wild child” but a girl living in a rigid patriarchal world who was raped by her husband, a soldier, or some other predator.

Okay, it’s not overly surprising that Woods, a third wave feminist and self-proclaimed scholar, would reject the truth of the virgin birth. She’s too smart for that kind of thing. But bizarrely she seems totally cool with angelic encounters:

When Joseph learned she was pregnant, he followed the guidance of the Angel Gabriel and mercifully assumed paternal responsibility for Jesus.

Wait, so the guy who supposedly raped Mary because he was a patriarchal perv, but then embraced angelic wisdom to marry her and care for the illegitimate child. Makes total sense. Or then again, maybe Joe wasn’t the rapist. Maybe it was “some other predator.” Woods has a completely sane theory on that as well:

In the Biblical narrative, that predator was God. God the Father “overshadowed” the child bride Mary, impregnating her with his one and only son, the reported savior of the world.

If you want to know what pride can do to a human mind, there it is. God’s miraculous incarnation, Him folding Himself into human flesh to bear our sins to Calvary and redeem the souls of all who would accept His free gift of grace, is offensively characterized as a divine rape committed by a perverse deity intent on harming a child. And done so in graphically absurd detail:

Christians argue Mary was not raped because God did not physically sexual assault Mary. God’s penis did not penetrate Mary’s vagina. She didn’t feel anything. The “overshadowing” brought neither of them sexual pleasure or release, which, according to Trump Christian beliefs about sexuality, rendered the impregnation “pure” and “holy.”

While it would be easy to get hung up on the reference to “God’s penis,” notice the dismissive use of “Trump Christian.” If there was any question as to what this entire article was truly about, that juvenile label betrays the truth. It’s nothing more than yet another anti-Trump polemic masked as something far more profound and substantial.

For her own sake I just wanted Woods to stop writing these words that will one day testify against her soul, but that is not the character of human arrogance. It is insufferably persistent:

God chose to impregnate a child solely by virtue of her marriage to a descendent of Abraham and David and her virginity. Trump’s Christian God did not care whether or not Mary’s 12-year-old body was mature enough to bear a pregnancy or deliver an infant. Trump’s God did nothing to spare Mary a harsh journey during her final weeks of pregnancy; childbirth in a stable; or the need to flee to Egypt soon after His son’s birth. This goes a long way towards explaining why Trump Christians support politicians who oppose funding for agencies that promote the health and safety of girls and women.

Imagine being so self-absorbed that you allow your political crusades and social causes to warp your understanding and portrayal of a God who saved you from a myriad of soul-condemning sins. Because that’s the reality Woods pretends to ignore but can’t escape: this Being that she calls “Trump’s Christian God” is actually her God too. And one day, just like Trump, just like all of us, she will answer to Him.

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Since Jesus turned out to be a pretty great guy whose life still inspires billions of people, isn’t the concept of Him as a “rape baby” a pretty good pro-life argument? Just sayin’.


I can't wait for some of these SJW nutbags to meet their maker - that is assuming that they are headed in that direction


I had someone in high school who knew I was a young preacher ask me, why did God rape Mary?. Of course, at that time I had no immediate adequate response to such a shocking question.